SHR # 1175 :: How Ages Matters In Weight Gain: Overweight When Young May Cause Heart Disease Later In Life PLUS A Listener Calls Carl On The Carpet PLUS A Listener Calls Carl On the Carpet PLUS The Dark Side Of Carrageenan :: Guest: Dr. Arjun Ghosh - Charlotte Vallaeys :: Becoming overweight at an early age may cause some undesired effects on the heart that can catch up to you later in life. With the rate of childhood obesity on the rise Dr. Ghosh and colleagues are on a mission to get this message out to the masses. PLUS A listener sent Carl an email and is answered on the air. PLUS Vallaeys is with the Cornucopia Institute. They have taken it upon themselves to explain to people the real dangers in the seemingly innocuous ingredient found in way too many foods today that is both approved by the FDA and considered a "natural" ingredient but is linked to a host of diseases and cancer. ::

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