SHR # 1172 :: A Second Look At Some Of The Claims Made In Paleofantasy And Other Recent Interviews About Cooked Food And Atherosclerosis PLUS An Omega 3 Metabolite That May Prevent Cancer :: Guest: Dr. Loren Cordain - Dr. Bruce Hammock :: Dr. Cordian clears up a lot of issues that were raised in the minds of listener as a result of the Paleofantasy interview I did last week. He also addresses two previous interviews about when humans began cooking their foods and the inevitability of developing atherosclerosis that was implied the the study about ancient mummies who showed signs of this plaque. Its a great interview and Dr. Cordain pulls no punches. PLUS Dr. Hammock's group has found another novel pathway that Omega 3 fatty acids can prevent and perhaps even reverse cancers and tumor growth. Listen and learn. ::

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