SHR # 1170 :: Paleofantasy: What Evolution Really Tells Us About Sex, Diet And How We Live PLUS CrossFit Warriors :: Guest: Marlene Zuk - Cheryl Brost - Matt Chan :: Zuk is the author of a critically important book that looks at the science behind the love affair many are having with the Paleo movement. Her research is fantastic and accurate. This book begs the reader to abandon the rhetoric and apply critical thinking to things like how fast we can adapt to changes in our environment, why some things take longer than others to trigger the evolutionary process and much more. This is a must-hear interview. PLUS Chan and Brost have made it to the World CrossFit Games numerous times and are every bit the caliber of athlete that any Olympic athlete is. What fuels their passion, how they got introduced to CrosFit and where they are now are all covered. ::

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