SHR # 1155 :: The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS How TV Advertising Of Statin Drugs Drives Unnecessary Prescriptions :: Guest: Rob Regish and Dr. Jeff Niederdeppe :: Regish answers listener question about training, nutrition and supplementation - Integrating High Cradio Work With Muscle Building Goals - Post-Cosmetic Surgery Core Work - EAA/BCAA Pre/Intra Workout Or Fasted - Replacement For Pre-Workout Stims - What's The Truth About Astaxanthin - How To Make Two Weeks Off productive - PLUS The BluePrint Tip Of The Day - Five Times More Muscle With This Herbal Supplement PLUS How does all that advertising for statin drugs effect the number of statin prescriptions written? Who's really being served by Big Pharma's TV ads? Is it the people most at risk? Learn the answers to these questions and more when Dr. Niederdeppe of Cornell University discusses his recent paper. Don't miss the end of the interview when we learn who funded this study.. it's priceless.::

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