SHR # 1148 :: The Risk Factors Associated With Accelerated Biological Aging And Alzheimer's In Women And How Hormone Replacement Therapy Effects These PLUS The Arnold After Party PLUS The SuppVersity Science Roundup :: Guest: Dr. Emily Jacobs - Jason Dhir - Adel Moussa :: Dr. Jacobs' group at Harvard identified a marker associated with advanced biological aging in women and its also associated with the development of dementia. It is effected by Estrogen and, as such, looked at the effects Hormone Replacement Therapy may play in preventing advanced aging and dementia. PLUS The 10th Annual Arnold After-Party is going to be the best one yet Dihr tells us as he gives a glimpse into his world of hosting the most exciting and flamboyant parties anyone has ever seen. PLUS Moussa delivers again in the episode of the SuppVersity Science Roundup - A Listener Points Out An Error In A Blog Post - NSAID's And Exercise May Be A No-No - Another Look AT The Role Of Fiber In The Diet - Why Pomegranate Peel May Be Better To Eat Than The Fruit - Are You In The Dark About Weight Gain - Just The Right Amount Of Protein For Weight Loss - Nano Supplements And Angstrom Magnesium - More ::

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