SHR # 1147 :: How Running And Walking Regulates Appetite In Women PLUS The Health Benefits Of Long Low Intensity Workouts Versus Short Intense Workouts PLUS Aerobic Exercise Versus Weight Training For Fat Loss :: Guest: Dr. Enette Larson-Meyer - Bernard Duvivier - Dr. Leslie Willis - Dr. Cris Slentz :: How specific exercise modalities effect hunger is rarely discussed. Dr. Larson-Meyer and her group looked at running versus walking in women and their results is anything but what you'd expect. PLUS The title of this segment was derived from the study title and does not do it justice. Duvivier's research has more to do with activity levels than a comparison of exercise intensity and duration. This segment adds gravity to our perpetual message about the importance of NOT sitting all day long and how simply standing more often can save your life. PLUS While Dr.Ellis and Dr. Slentz drive their point home that cardio yields greater weight loss, I try and balance the message with the importance of the added muscle in concert with fat loss that one group experienced as the real value of their research. This entire show is a tapestry of overlapping messages. A great episode to share with friends and family! ::

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