SHR # 1141 ::The BluePrint Power Hour PLUS Valentine's Day Special: Love-Drugs - Neuroenhancement Of Love And Relationships :: Guest: Rob Regish and Brian Earp :: Regish delivers on answering listener question about training, nutrition and supplementation. - Starter Body-weight Routine - Correcting The One-Legged Squat - What Ever Happened To Acetyl-L Carnitine - Amaranth: The Next Great Grain - Why The Flu Vaccine Lowers Libido - What's The Big Deal About Ultra-Peptide 2.0 - PLUS BluePrint Tip Of The Day: Finding Your Fight PLUS Brian Earp and colleagues investigated the ethical and philosophical implications of using pharmacological interventions to create, strengthen and even dissolve feelings of love and emotional bonds. Drugs and hormones already exist. What would the world be like if you could take a pill that would make you feel love for someone or fall out of love easily? Better think about this because its coming.. ::

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