SHR # 1089 :: How Metabolic Syndrome Increases HRT Risk Factors PLUS Unique Form Of Vitamin D May Stop Alzheimer's Disease PLUS More On The Psychology On Maintaining Weight Loss :: Guest: Dr. Robert Wild and Dr. Declan Naughton and Dr. Matt Andry :: Dr. Wild's group looked more closely at the Women's Health Initiative study and found that only the women who had the markers for metabolic syndrome prior to hormone replacement therapy had increased risks of heart disease once on HRT. The takeaway is hormones can't protect you from a bad lifestyle. PLUS Dr. Naughton's group developed a way to look at 10 different metabolites of Vitamin D and find that one in particular appears to protect against the development of Alzhiemer's disease and you may be able to get it from a certain food source. PLUS Dr. Andry offers insight into ways to manage hunger and the associated challenges facing someone trying to maintain a weight loss or reach a new goal. Several tips on pharmaceutical routes as well as foods and supplements are covered. Dr. Andry also drives home the meaning of responsibility and paying attention to one's internal signals.

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