SHR # 1065 :: CASUAL FRIDAY :: :: Co-Host: The Lovely And Talented Alisa Profumo :: More On Grumpy Old Men - Monsanto For Agent Orange - Was Jennifer Livingston The Real Bully - The CDC Says Everyone Gets A Vaccine - Should You Fear A Cow Named Daisy - Hemp For DNA Repair - Beware Of Blue Honey - FDA To Decide If Arsenic Flavored Rice Is Good For You - Eat Less For Lunch... The New School Meal Plan - DSM-5 Says Biting Your Nails May Be Mental Illness - Chinese Restaurant Serves Road Kill - Meijer Super Store Gives Away Free Lipitor - List Of Companies That Don't Want GMO Labeling - Whole Foods Hides The Whole Story On GMO - Bloom-ing-idiot-berg Is At It Again - Plus More And Listener Emails

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