SHR # 830 - Round-table Discussion On Strength And Hypertrophy Acquisition Part 2 PLUS Farm-To-Table And Farm-To-School Realities :: Guest: Coach Wade Johnson and Rob Regish - Lorin Fahrmeir and Robin Gammon :: Listener Spotlight: Shawn Bellon :: The discussion turns to listener-suggested questions as we continue to sort out usable real-world methods of acquiring strength no matter where you are right now. Coach Johnson and Regish have different approaches that compliment one an-other's. Bellon shares his experience as well as a special listener-panel member. Johnson and Regish share two obscure lifts that are not often attempted that may be the answer for many of us PLUS Fahrmeir and Gammon are on a mission to spread the word and bring greater acceptance to locally sourced foods and local farmers. We need more of this. ::

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