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  1. SNS Focus XT log by Bloute

    Gender- Male
    Height- 5-10"
    Weight- 220 (- 32 lbs during my 5 months trip in Moscow)
    Body Type- Endo
    BF- 15%

    Other Supplements:

    Primaforce Creatine Monohydrate
    Bulk Beta-Alanine
    Xtreme formulation Ultra Peptide
    Anabolic Innovations Whey Isolate
    Multivitamin (Now Adam)
    Fish Oil - > 5 g / day


    4000 calories

    400 g Protein
    350 g Carbs
    70 g FAT

    Experience :

    Training for 11 years

    Previous supplements :

    Now Fish Oil
    Now Adam
    Higher power CEE
    Prolab Creatine Monohydrate
    Syntrax Swole V2
    Sopharma Tribestan
    ThermoLife Tribosten
    Synthrax Nitrous
    Ergopharm 1-ad
    Ergopharm AMP
    Anabolic Xtreme Stim-X
    ThermoLife Stizm
    Designer supplements Xceed
    Ergopharm 6-OXO
    EC Stack
    Ephedrine Hcl
    HP Yohimbe Ex
    Optimum nutrition Whey protein
    Ergopharm I-Pro
    Glycerol monosterate
    AX Pheraplex
    Legal gear 4ad
    HP Whey protein
    Now Taurine
    Primaforce Nitrocharge
    ThermoLife Xplode Reload
    ThermoLife Zappetite
    Man Clout
    Citrulline Malate
    Scivation Fenotest
    SNS Inhibit-e
    DS Activate
    Rhodiola Rosea
    Primaforce Creatine Monohydrate
    Bulk Beta-Alanine
    Xtreme formulation Ultra Peptide
    Anabolic Innovations Whey Isolate
    Ax Hyperdrol

    Split :

    Monday : Chest/Triceps
    Tuesday : Back/Biceps
    Wedneday: Off
    Thursday : Legs/shoulder(If not too painful)
    Friday : Chest/Triceps or Back/Biceps
    Saturday: off
    Sunday : Cardio

    Past Logs :


    Designer Supplements Xceed

    Thermolife Xplode Reload

    Pheraplex & 4ad

    NHA stack + Scivation Fenotest

    Past Reviews :

    Higher Power CEE

    Kaizen Chocolate Muscle Milkshake

    Optimum 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard Chocolate

    Double chocolate Optimum Pro Complex

    Higher Power 100% Whey Power Chocolate and Vanilla

    XPN Iso Xtrem Vanilla

    ErgoPharm I-PRO: Cherry and Raspberry lemonade

  2. Before starting this log, I would like to specially thanks Steve from SNS. He had some major problems to ship me Focus Xt because of Russian postal service but he always was very gentle and he finally find a way to ship Focus Xt to me.

    SNS is a great company, with great products but especially with a A+ customer service.

  3. List of previous stimulants and basic feedbacks on them (for sake of comparison)

    Thermospeed, Thermalean :

    Stizm with 200 mg of caffeine gave a better overall feeling and a better focus than Thermospeed. I would recommend stizm anytime over thermospeed.


    This comparison is really harder 400 mg of caffeine gave me incredible feeling during workout but breathing and cardio are really better with Stizm. So as an overall stimulant Stizm is really superior to caffeine but if you’re looking for focus and a little boost in energy caffeine is a better option. But as an overall stim, Stimz is really better.

    Ephedrine Hcl

    Ephedrine is exceptional for cardio but I don’t like to use it as a stim for normal workout. Stimz is a better option than ephedrine for workout. No energy crash, better focus and better overall feeling.


    Easy breathing, great energy boost, excellent focus. Stimz doesn’t give the same energy boost. 2 AMP + 200mg gave an incredible feeling and a major energy boost. Stizm gave good energy boost but nothing amazing. AMP always gave me anxiety problem but not Stizm only a good well being feeling so people who have problem with anxiety should choose stizm over AMP.


    Stizm is an excellent overall stimulant superior to almost everything I tried except AMP. I would definitely recommend to everybody as a preworkout supps. No side effect, good energy boost, good focus, no crash. Stizm is perfect for somebody looking for a good stimulant without any side. If you are looking for something more hardcore AMP is incredible.


    First sample : Focus was excellent and really better than usual with no stimulant. It helps me to keep the focus in the gym. Nothing amazing but enough to help me in my training. I would compare it to the focus I got with 300 – 400 mg.

    Second sample : Focus was very good during all the workout. No down, no crash. Again nothing incredible but just enough for a good feeling and a very good training. I would recommend it for sure to increase focus during workout.

    Appetite suppression

    First sample : I didn’t notice any suppression of appetite with my first sample of Stizm. I build a pretty solid tolerance to caffeine since I use it everyday. I never feel the appetite suppression unless I take over 400 mg of caffeine.

    Second sample : No suppression check comment for the first sample.

    Length of effects

    First sample : Big boost during 2 hours than slow decrease of energy during 2 or 3 hours with no major crash. As I said before the energy wasn’t incredible but enough for a good feeling. No problem for sleeping.

    Second sample : Big boost during 2 hours, a good feeling during an other 2 hours than a slow decrease again. No crash again.


    First sample : Energy boost was really interesting during at least 2 hours after taking stizm. A major boost of energy during the first hour than a peak for 1 hour and no really crash of energy. The feeling wasn’t really hard on the system but just enough for a great workout. No “chemical energy” likes thermospeed or Ephedrine, a smooth feeling of well-being and intensity.

    Second sample : The energy boost was better with the second sample. I took it at 8:30 PM again and I had a peak of energy after 1h. Good energy during the entire workout no crash only a bit of dizziness during 15 minutes.


    Stim-X gave me an incredible boost in the gym that lasted at least 5-6 hours for me. I loved to use it when I need maximum intensity during training. Side effects weren’t so extreme maybe except stomach problems sometime. I wouldn’t use stim-X everyday as a pre-workout boost I would choose 1 Stizm + caffeine or Caffeine alone.

  4. I plan to use Focus XT in three different situations :

    A) As a preworkout boost and compare it to the supps I used in the past

    B) In class at University, Normally I use caffeine to stay alert between 600 mg and 1000 mg a day. I would compare the effect of Focus XT on concentration and mental focus. I am a long time student in Graduate studies now so I think I could notice a difference
    from Focus XT.

    C) Finally, I would use Focus XT to increase my concentration, focus and for Optimal Mental Performance for the writing of my master's degree Thesis.

    I will try to focus my review around many different factors :

    A) Energy (Intensity and quality)
    B) Focus (Intensity and quality)
    C) Length of effects
    D) Side effects
    E) Effects on mental capacity during classes and redaction

    Also, I have to say that I am studying in undergraduate and graduate studies for 7 years. So, I have used all the previous supps I mentionned to help to increase energy, Focus and capacities in class and in redaction for years. Caffeine was always the big winner with doses between 200-400 mg 3 times a day. Ephedrine, AMP, Stim-x and Thermalean were simply horrible. Stizm was ok but caffeine was a better and a cheaper option.

    I have also to state that I am back from Russian for less than 2 days, so for 5 months I didn't used a lot of supps and any stims. So, my tolerance will have changed for sure.

    Also, I will start my first daily review Tuesday or Wednesday next week because I still feel bit mess up because of the Jet Lag. (8 hours)

  5. Day 1

    Taste with 8 ounces of water : Light pink lemonade taste, nothing disgusting at all specially with the ingredients involve in Focus Xt. I am really surprised with the taste specially after reading all the comments on the board. Xceed lemonade has a better taste because it doesn’t live any after taste in the mouth. For those who think that Focus XT tastes bad just try TL Xplode Reload once in your life.

    Taste Ranking :

    Xceed Lemonade
    Focus XT
    Green Magnitude
    Man Clout (First one)
    Xplode Reload
    Bulk CEE

    I didn’t sip my focus XT I took in five minutes for the first time because I was waking up in the morning and I am still on the jet lag. Sleeping at 10 PM and waking up at 8 AM. Very weird schedule in my case.

    Today, I will work on my master’s degree thesis all day long so we will see how could Focus XT helps me with it. I will also take 200 mg of caffeine 4 or 5h later to see if it could prolong the effect.

    I will try to update the feeling every hour this morning.

  6. Day 2

    First update :

    First of all, I took 1/2 dose of Focus XT with water. The taste is still very good, I like it a lot. Good job for the flavoring system.

    I took my Focus XT 30 minutes after my 2nd meal of the day. It was pasta + Salmon and fat free mayonnaise !

    Focus and concentration has increased slightly nothing as intense as Day 1. At least, it gave me a boost to start working on my thesis. At least, Focus XT and my log oblige me to move my lazy ass and work ! It thinks I will have to write a special thanks to Steve and SNS in my introduction if it continues like that !

    Also, easy breathing and energy boost are really good.

    I will take my second dose around 3:30.

    Second update :

    The smooth little feeling continue, I have to say that I love it. It gives me a great mood to write and read, it seems I am relax mentally but I have the energy to think and work. Special feeling, normally with caffeine only (200-400 mg) I feel really energized but not as relax for working and thinking. I dont know if it is placebo or really the effect of focus XT but it is impressive.

    BTW, I like the idea to split the dosage in half, feeling is similar without the jittery and I could continue my work for a longer period.

    Third update :

    I took my second dose and the energy boost is continuing. I think this is a great way to take Focus XT. Level of concentration and focus is still impressive. No jittery, no shake at all only a good feeling.

  7. You Russians need to wise up that Gazprom can't manage much of anything that is large scale for an oil or natural gas project.

    Oh - hell. This is a log.
    Yeah - sorry about that. Hope you like the Focus!! (I've not tried it myself.)

  8. Day 3

    First update

    I took first half dose 1 hour ago. My first meal of the day was a shake with Ultra peptide, oats, PB, milk and a banana. I took my dosage 1h later.

    So far, energy is pretty good but concentration and focus arent as good as usual. I am doing everything else except working on my thesis. I am looking for buying new supps , posting on the board and...

    I will take my second dose quicker than yesterday maybe in one hour.

    Second update

    Finally, concentration and focus started to increase after 1:30h. I worked slightly in my books but nothing amazing. Smooth feeling, nice energy and easy breathing again. Not the best day of the 3 but I think Focus XT is helping me again moving my lazy ass. Next dose will be later finally, again 3 hours after the first one.

    BTW, no side at all.

    Third update

    I just took my second dose. Today, Focus XT has not the same impact on my work and my writing. The feeling is good but nothing as intense as the first two days. I think I will be back to a full scoop empty stomach for my next day.

    Last update

    My general feeling was next time (saturday or sunday) and 1/2 later 4 hours later. I am building my tolerance to caffeine slowly like it was 4 months ago. I am using 400 mg a day ED since my return.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    You Russians need to wise up that Gazprom can't manage much of anything that is large scale for an oil or natural gas project.

    Oh - hell. This is a log.
    Yeah - sorry about that. Hope you like the Focus!! (I've not tried it myself.)
    Lol !

  10. Bloooooooooooooooooooooooute!

  11. If Blap didn't have the SNS av - I'd be TOTALLY confused just scrolling through this thread.

    Bloute and Blap look too similar.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    If Blap didn't have the SNS av - I'd be TOTALLY confused just scrolling through this thread.

    Bloute and Blap look too similar.
    Blap <3 Bloute

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Blap
    Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaap

  14. Day 4

    First update

    I decided to take Focus XT today because my energy level was quite low and I had to work again in my thesis. I took a complete dose with an empty stomach 1 hour ago.

    I think it is the best way to take it for me finally.

    Energy level is great actually, concentration and mood are through the roof. I am to work, my idea are clear, I always want to answer thread on the board .
    I love this feeling honestly, I could work all night like this. Focus XT gives me the impression that intellectual work is really easier.

    Second update

    Great feeling, energy, focus and concentration are still through the rough. I dont feel that much the easy breathing I was felling the first 3 days. Although, I dont work that much in my books since I am stuck in the Thermochat I cant comment about it. But Focus XT gave a great boost after my afternoon nap.

  15. Day 5

    1 scoop in the morning to get energy before class. I will compare it with normal caffeine intake I use normally.

    I will try to update it during my class not sure if I can.

    First update

    Great feeling this morning, I have a lot or energy. No problem at all to move my ass to go to school. It is really surprising. Focus and breathing are pretty good for the moment. Energy boost from Focus XT is smooth and I dont feel anymore side effects like shaking.

    Second update

    Concentration is great during the class but the only problem is that my concentration is directed to the board instead of the class. Energy boost is perfect for morning classes in IMO. Not too intense like AMP, Ephedrine and Stim-X. If I could name it like this, Focus XT gives an intellectual energy more than a typical boost. For pre-workout, I wouldnt really use Focus XT since it isnt cost effective IMO. Stizm, Stim-X, AMP and bulk caffeine are better option since I have a good stims tolerance. For intellectual or for work, Focus XT is definitely the best thing I used so far.

    Third update

    Little side effects for the first time with Focus XT : Deshydration and slitgh head aches during the class. Nothing too intense but the first time I got these from Focus. Water intake has been similar as usual.

  16. Just wanted to subscribe to this one. Ive been slacking with the AM threads lately lol

  17. Day 6

    1 scoop at the end of the afternoon to work in my books and continue my thesis. I gave blood today so maybe the effects gone be stronger.

    First update

    1h hour later : Good energy and well-being feeling. Concentration and focus are different than usual. I think the fact that I gave some blood affects me a bit. It is tough to explain but concentration is really smoother than usual. I am focus in my work but with a relaxing feeling. Weird feeling but nothing unpleasant.

    Second update

    Finally, today wasnt a very good at all for studying and working in my thesis. Focus XT gave me a nice boost durign the first hour and half but after that I felt really lazy without any energy and exhausted. I dont think it is related to Focus XT at all, it is surely links to the fact I gave blood this afternoon and I felt a bit tired today. Focus XT helped to fight the lethargy but not enough to produce nothing valuable today for my thesis. I will go to the gym to do a bit of cardio to try to get in a better mood to work during the night.

  18. Day7

    1 scoop empty stomach (2h) for studying and writing purpose.

    First update

    So far so good. I feel great, energy is impressive. No shaking or head aches, smooth energy. About focus and concentration, they are pretty good. I am doing a good job of writing today. I see a major difference when I am using Focus XT for my work. It isnt not only placebo because there is a major difference between caffeine only day and Focus.

  19. Day 8

    1.5 scoops with steak and salad. I will use it again for me thesis. I will be working on it all the afternoon and part of the night.

    First update

    Great feeling, energy and easy breathing is impressive. I still feel a pleasant feeling of well being. I can explain like an happy feeling, with energy no jittery and concentration is increasing. Focus gives a perfect mood for working or relaxing IMO.

    No side effect at all today.

    I would rate my writing session today :

    Energy : 9.5/10

    Focus : 9 / 10

    Concentration : 8/10, could be better but I am to blame here.

    General feeling for school work : 9.5 / 10

    Second update

    Excellent day of writing today finally. Ideas were clear, focus was intense and general mood was simply great for working. Focus XT with food seems to be the best way to be taken for me to achieve best results. No side effect at all with food and the effects are great.

  20. Day 9

    I will take 1 scoop with my morning shake (PB, Oats, UP,milk and bananas)

    Again, I will use Focus XT to work on my thesis.

    First Update

    The effect of Focus XT is really stronger today. I cant explain why but I feel weird a bit on it. It seems like I am buzzed a bit. It is still a good mood to work but not as good as usual. It is really weird, sometime 1 scoop and I feel like this. Last time, I took 1.5 scoops and I felt really better.

    Here an update about the taste of Focus XT :

    Taste Ranking :

    DS Xceed Lemonade
    Scivation Xtend Watermelon
    SNS Focus XT
    CL Green Mag
    Man Clout (First one)
    CL Purple Wraath
    TL Xplode Reload
    Bulk CEE

    Second Update

    Today wasnt the best day in terms of effect with Focus XT. It took at least 2:30 3h to really feel good after taking my scoop. I was feeling nervous and weird during this time. Nothing too annoying but certainly not the nice feeling for working I feel normally with Focus. It is really weird that some time 1 scoop have terrible effect on me and sometime 1.5 scoops is just perfect. I will try to shake the tub next time to mix the ingredients.

    Finally, the feeling from Focus today was really better than caffeine but it isnt as good as usual. That's why I would give a 8/10 as a general rating for today.

  21. Update about Caffeine Vs Focus XT

    Today, I used 200 mg of caffeine two times during the day to increase with focus and my concentration to compare it with Focus Xt.

    The effects were completely different, I didnt have an increase of Focus and attention at all. Nothing really noticeable, only more energy to avoid sleepiness during the class.

    1 scoop of Focus XT is really really better than plain caffeine. I thought at the beginning of this log that caffeine would be an acceptable substitute for Focus XT because normally I felt pretty good on caffeine only. But after using Focus XT a few times, my opinion changed completely. Focus XT is by far the best thing to use for concentration and focus I used so far.

  22. Day 10

    1 scoop for concentration and focus during reading for my thesis.

    First update

    The feeling is great. Focus and concentration are really amazing, I am actually reading and it is really astonishing how my level of concentration and comprehension is. I love to work when I feel energized like this. Also, easy breathing is clearly an effect from Focus XT. No major side effect except red ears. Normally, it is a sign for me that my pressure is slightly increasing.

    I think it is a good idea to shake your tub before using to be sure that the ingredients are well mix. When I shake it, I clearly feel the exact same feeling with one scoop. It is more than enough for me to work, write and read for my thesis. Best alternative for cost/effective use of Focus XT.

    Second update

    Amazing day of work. I cant complain on anything my focus in my book was great, I read a lot more than usual before feeling bored and tired. My ideas were clear and I had the impression I could have work a lot more and a lot longer.

    Great feeling to get when you are working on something you know hard and difficult to understand at the base.

  23. Day 11

    1 scoop for concentration and focus during reading for my thesis and also writing it. (As usual)

    First update

    So far so Good. Focus XT delivers as usual. Great feeling, awesome focus and concentration. My idea about normative constructivism are so clear, I think I could write a book today about it. I cant believe I will have to continue my studies after this log withtout any Focus XT. I will have to registrer on the international program for Gatorade samples. Lol, seriously, I love this stuff for studying purpose, I cant believe I missed it so long.

  24. Day 12

    1 scoop for concentration and focus for writing my thesis. I took a morning shake as usual with bananas, PB, whey, milk and oats.

    First update

    Great boost of energy, the only problem is that I am not really working on my thesis . I am reading stuff about supplements and brwsing the forum.

    My mental faculty seems to be really better while on focus at least for the first 4 or 5 hours. I see a good difference when the effects start to diminish. Concentration for wrking is going down drastically. Now, it seems that caffeine doesnt give me anymore a good feeling enough to increase my focus and my mental activity. Focus XT is great stuff.

  25. Day 13

    1 scoop with Chicken and steak. Also, I took 2g of Beta-alanine with Focus XT.

    First update

    Today, I didnt have a big energy rush. I would describe my energy boost as average but just enough to feel energized and relax. Focus and concentration were not through the roof but I could notice a major difference. Easy breathing was as usual a positive side with Focus XT.

    No big side effect to report : No energy crash, no head ache, nothing at all.

    It seems that Focus XT doesnt hit always the same way. I could not tell the reason but sometime the energy rush is simply crazy. Sometime it is a good feeling but not as intense. I like the two feelings for intellectual work but I think it is tough to really dose Focus because of this. I think the best way is to take it in smaller dose throughout the day as you need it.


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