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  1. Day 14

    1 scoop empty stomach with creatine and beta-alanine

    The great feeling is back. Focus and concentration were simply great today, I really felt a boost on my capacity of working. Energy was great and easy breathing as usual.

    The best description about the effect of Focus XT is a clean energy boost and especially a relaxing feeling which seems to give you the best mood to work intellectually.

    I really have to find a way to get this stuff in Canada because I will not work in my books without it.

  2. Day 15

    Today, I used Focus XT as a pre-workout supp. I know I said I didnt believe in Focus XT as a good preworkout supp but I am doing a review so I choose to try it. I take it with 5g creatine and 2 g BA. I also took 20 minutes later a preworkout shake 50 g of WPI.

    Energy : The level of energy wasnt really impressive, I would put the level between 200 mg and 400 mg. I am really stim resistant for the workout at least. I would not recommend Focus XT as pre-workout supp. Go for Stim-X, AMP or Stizm.

    At least, Focus XT hasnt side like crash or anxiety. It could be a good preworkout supp for those that arent tolerant to stims.

  3. Little update today :

    I tried to use 200 mg of caffeine to work on my thesis tonight since I used a lot of Focus XT recently and I wanted to take a break.

    The result was simply lame I fell asleep after 30 minutes. Focus XT is definetly a really more potent formula that caffeine alone. You cant compare it with caffeine at 200 mg or 400 mg for intellectual work.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bloute View Post
    The result was simply lame I fell asleep after 30 minutes.

  5. Day 16

    No day 15 because I am made an error, I had two day 12 in this version of the log.

    Today, I took 1 scoop with my morning shake and 1/2 scoop 4h later with chicken and cottage cheese.

    I worked on my thesis all the afternoon. I noticed a major difference from yesterday when I also worked on the same subject. Again my idea were clear and easy to formulate on paper. Everything I read was easier then yesterday on caffeine only. I was really happy with the result.

    Focus/Concentration : 9.5 /10 I was absorbed by my work and it seems like all my attention was about this.

    Energy : 9 /10 Great feeling as usual, no shaking or weird effect. Smooth energy without jittery or side effect. Couldnt ask for a better mood for intellectual work.

    Side effect : 10/10 No side at all.

    Overall result with Focus XT : 9.5 / 10

  6. Day 17

    Yesterday, I took 1 scoop mid afternoon with steak and cheese. I took a 2nd scoop at 9:30 PM.

    I was planning to work on my thesis all the day

    Wow, this was an amazing day for writing. I worked all the day, Focus was so amazing. I did more job yesterday than all the previous week. I worked until 3:30 am. No crash, no energy problem, no lost of focus during almost 10 hours. 2 scoops a day for writing purpose is the way to go.

    I will use at least one scoop again today.

    Side note : I have already used almost 20 scoops and there is a lot more Focus XT in my tub.

    Focus/Concentration : 10 /10

    Energy : 9.5 /10

    Side effect : 10/10 No side at all again.

    Overall result with Focus XT : 10 / 10

  7. Day 18

    Yesterday, I took 1 scoop mid afternoon again empty stomach this time and second dose at 22:30 PM.

    I was planning to work on my thesis all the day

    I worked on my thesis for 7 h and I also workout ( 1h of cardio and abs).

    Great feeling, I love this dosing protocol. It keeps you alert, focus and concentrate for a complete day.

    The feeling is simply amazing, I was under the impression I could work all night long on my thesis. I had to stop and went to bed.

    Focus XT gives me a clear mental acuity, increase my mental capacity and finally it really boost my mental energy. No energy drop at all during the day.

    Every time I use Focus XT, I tell myself it can be so strong and it should be partly a placebo effect. After 18 days, I will finally believe that Focus XT is really the Holy Grail for graduate students !

    Same score as yesterday :

    Focus/Concentration : 10 /10

    Energy : 9.5 /10

    Side effect : 10/10

    Overall result with Focus XT : 10 / 10

  8. Day 19

    Yesterday, I took 2 scoops of Focus XT. One in the afternoon and one around 8 pm.

    My energy level was pretty good as usual. I felt a great boost 15-20 minutes after taking the scoop.

    Focus and concentration wasnt as good as usual. I cant say why really but I didnt realyl focus on my work and I did anything else all day long. It notice a difference but not as strong as usual.

    In general, yesterday Focus XT didnt hit me as usual. Maybe I am developing a bit of tolerance for Focus XT.

    Focus/Concentration : 8 /10

    Energy : 9 /10

    Side effect : 10/10

    Overall result with Focus XT : 8 / 10

    Day 20

    Friday, I took 1 scoop of Focus XT with 200 mg as a preworkout supp with my shake

    Great feeling in the gym, I would not compare it to stizm, Amp or Stim-X. The feeling is really different. Smooth energy and very pleasant energy for lifting. I think the first time I used Focus XT as a preworkout supp I should have used it with caffeine.

    I still think that Focus XT as a preworkout supp isnt cost effective but if someone is looking for a clean and smooth boost Focus XT is a great option.

  9. Day 21

    Yesterday, 1 scoop with salad and chicken.

    Overall : Good increase in energy and focus but it seems that I developped a tolerance to Focus XT. I dont have the same energy and focus from it as I get at the begin of the log. Although, I cant complain because the feeling is great and really better than simple caffeine. I will try stim-x later this week to see what effect I get for school purpose.

    Today, I will use the traditionnal 1 scoop mid-afternoon and 1 scoop at the beginning of the night to work on my thesis. I have been lazy the couple of days. It seems that when I dont take Focus XT, I really avoid working at all on my thesis.

    Day 22

    Yesterday, I used the traditionnal 1 scoop mid-afternoon and 1 scoop at the beginning of the night with food.

    I can tell that Focus XT doesnt hit as strong as at the beginning of my log.

    I dont have a major boost of energy but the side also completely disappeared.

    2 scoops per day split during all the day is definietly the best dosage I found to work all day long on school. Focus and concentration seems to stay very high for at least 6-8 hours. Perfect for those who are late in their homeworks or studying at the last minute.

    I recommend also to test yourself with focus XT before using it for an exam or a very important studying session. You have to find the best dosage for yourself to achieve maximum result.

    Today, I am trying stim-x and Alcar as a studying boost. I will update later.

  10. Day 23

    Yesterday, I took 3 scoops through the day. One at 12 pm, one at 3pm and one a 9 pm.

    I work all day long on my thesis. The first scoop didnt work that well but as soon as I took my second scoop I got the usual boost of concentration and focus. My work started to be a lot more consistant and very productive.

    I had a few side effects like head aches and a bit of dizzinnes. I think it was linked with dehydration and a lack of sleep.

    In general, my day was really productive but I noticed that 1 scoop isnt enough for me anymore.

    BTW, I tried Stim-X to work on my thesis. I didnt really like the feeling at all again. Too much energy and I could not concentrate myslef to read and to write something good.

    Day 24

    1 scoop empty stomach

    I had an amazing day yesterday. I worked on my thesis all day longwith an impressive focus and concentration. I am still impress how much job I did. 1 scoop of Focus XT is still a very good dosage when I am not looking for an energy boost. I simply feel great to work and write.

    Today, I will try 200 mg of caffeine + 1 scoop of Focus XT to see if I could get the best of the 2 worlds. Great energy boost since I dont sleep that much these days and the focus and the concentration from FXT.

    BTW, my tub is also over, stay tune for my final review.

  11. Day 25

    200 mg of caffeine + 1 scoop of Focus with a shake and 1 scoop empty stomach 5 hours later.

    I find finally the best dosage I need to feel the boost of energy of the first days of this log with the same level of concentration and focus I got the last few weeks.

    I worked on my htesis literally during 8 hours without any problem and the results were impressive. I wrote at least 20-30 % than usual.

    Only dose left, ! I will take today and write my final review this week !

    Day 26

    I took my last dose today. Around 3/4 scoop with 200 mg of caffeine with Steak. Purpose : Same thing as usual. Thesis

    Concetration and focus wasnt bad but not impressive as usual. Just enough to have a complete day of writing.

    Energy was smooth and durable, easy breathing was also noticeable.

    My last scoop of Focus Xt was great as the first one finally.

    I am more than happy with this product. I will write a complete review during the week about the product how it helps me with my school work. Positive and negative facts...

    For the moment, I have to cry because my gatorade tub is over.

  12. Focus XT final review


    I was reading the review about the taste on the boards and I wasn?t sure to try Focus XT but honestly the taste is really surprising. Pink lemonade is pretty good IMO and you can easily sip it during your studying period. At the end of my cycle, I took the dosage directly with the scoop. Taste isn?t a problem at all for this product.

    Taste Ranking :

    DS Xceed Lemonade
    Scivation Xtend Watermelon
    SNS Focus XT
    CL Green Mag
    Man Clout (First one)
    CL Purple Wraath
    TL Xplode Reload
    Bulk CEE

    Focus and concentration

    One word to describe this : WOW. Simply amazing product to use during intense reading or when you have something to write for school. Every time I took 1 scoop of Focus XT, I was really on fire to write my thesis. I could notice a major difference between, caffeine only, nothing and 1 scoop of Focus XT. I honestly cant tell how I will work without this supp in the future. It seems weird to say but everything is clearer in your head. You have to focus on the right thing to do though because it is easy to focus on everything except your homework. I will have to find some Focus XT real soon because it is by far the best product I used for concentration in my life and I used a lot of supp as you can see on the first page.


    Energy boost isn?t really crazy except if you haven?t taken stims for a while or if you have a really low tolerance to stims. Although, this is the perfect ratio energy/concentration you can get for intellectual purpose. If you are looking for pure energy use Ephedrine, Stizm, AMP or Stim-X. If you are looking for intellectual energy Focus XT with caffeine is awesome.


    You can get Focus XT for 21 $ and personally I got 35 servings with my tub (20 servings). This is a very good deal for any college students who wants to increase his concentration and focus in class or for home-works. If you compare it with similar products on the market like BSL Go!, Focus XT is very good deal.

    BTW, my tub lasted me almost 2 months and I used every time I thought I need it. So you could easily get 3 months with a tub.

    Would I buy Focus XT ?

    For sure, if I find a way to get some in Canada I will use it for life. This stuff was amazing for me for school and during the redaction of my thesis.

    How to take it to achieve best results

    If you aren?t tolerant to stims I recommend to take 2 ? scoop through your studying period.

    If you are tolerant to stims like me :

    Take one scoop with 200 mg of caffeine than take ? of scoop every 4 hours to simply continue the amazing feeling of concentration you get.

    Disclaimer :

    Test your tolerance and how you react to Focus XT before using it for an important exam or an important studying period. Sometime I felt thirsty and I got some head aches on Focus XT because I didn?t find the best dosage for me.

    Finally, I want to thanks Steve for everything he has done to ship me this tub of Focus XT. It was greatly appreciated !

    Gatorade will be my best concentration supp for the rest of my life ! Lol !

    Now, it is time to bribe customs guys to get Focus XT here or to call Steve and asking him if I could be a SNS shill to get some Gatorade XT again. Lol !

    Sorry for the delay of the review I had to finish a few things for school first and it is always harder to write a review in English than in French !

  13. I was thinking about trying Focus XT, so I am subscribed

  14. Quote Originally Posted by xjsynx View Post
    I was thinking about trying Focus XT, so I am subscribed
    It is a great product, but this log has already concluded.


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