Need some idea's for a methyl-plex pct!

  1. Need some idea's for a methyl-plex pct!

    I have just ordered some methyl-plex. I was thinking of taking Nolva/Retain/Rebount Reloaded or Activate... Anyone have any idea's that would be cheaper? I heard that ATD isnt good to use... thanks!

  2. Personally i think ALRI's Restore is a better product than Retain. Its a little more, but it has an AI in it.
    However, I don't know if during PCT the AI in Restore is enough.

    RR is more important than Activate for PCT

  3. Just nolva would be the cheapest. That's all everyone used before all these new supps started coming out. If you wanna save money, just use nolva & maybe a libido booster if you want one. Search for DHEA & fenugreek. they're pretty cheap. DHEA is supposed to help lower cortisol too.

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