Focus XT- Testers Wanted!!

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  1. Focus XT- Testers Wanted!!

    FOCUS XT- Reviewers Required

    We are looking for 4-5 members to review Focus XT

    Ideally, we are looking for reviewers to put Focus XT to use in two different scenarios. These two categories are not mutually exclusive; you can fall into either one or both;

    - resistance training/ sports/ gym/ cardio etc
    - school/ college/ work etc

    Please fill out the following information if you wish to be considered for a trial:





    Basic Training Protocol:

    Previous Logs/Reviews (with links):

    Current Supplements:

    Previous Nootropic/ Stimulant Experience:

    How do you plan to use Focus XT? (studying, training, work etc or a combination)- please provide details:

    When can you start your log/ review:
    By completing an application, applicants MUST:

    - keep a detailed and honest log of Focus XT
    - keep a log both on and
    - update their logs at least 3 times per week
    - maintain their logs for the duration of the product (20 servings)
    - be over the age of 18
    - not have any medical conditions
    - not to have any other reviews pending, and not to run their Focus XT log/review overlapping another product log/review

    Please make sure to read though everything before posting your applications. Feel free to ask questions on anything you don’t understand. Winners will be chosen by Jmh80, Idunk42, and myself in the near future so apply today!

    *International testers will be considered!

  2. Focus XT - An Expanded Explanation
    by Skigazzi

    With all the use of pre-workout / ergogenics / fat burners going on, I think its a good time to offer a refresher on what exactly Focus XT is, what is does, and how it can be used for mulitple goals. I think it typically gets over simplified and called an energy drink...but is so much more than that..and I think it deserves some time in the spot light and a more in depth explanation of what it is, and what it does.

    What does it do:
    Quite simply, it increases...FOCUS , ok, that was too easy. It also increase the blood flow in the brain, increases endurance, promotes the transfer of fatty acids into energy (fat buring), increases mood, and some ingredients have shown to be anti-oxidants comparable to Vitamin E in effect. There are even ingredients with studies showing they support testosterone levels and improved sexual function.

    When to take it:
    Personally, I love it in the morning, it gives me the coffee lift I need, but so much more. Pre-workout and pre endurance events (10K / cycling etc) it should be consumed 30 minutes prior to activity to ensure all ingredients are ready to do their thing.

    For studying, its best (IMO) to mix it up, and sip on it during long study sessions to maintain focus and energy during marathon study sessions.

    Ok..So what is it???

    Choline Bitartrate -Choline is a substance needed by the brain to produce acetylcholine, a major brain/motor neuron neurotransmitter that facilitates the transmission of impulses between neurons. Your Muscles Will NOT Contract without Acetylcholine.
    -The importance of choline for maintaining health in adults has been recognized for some time, but recent work points to its critical role in brain development.

    -L-tyrosine is one of the 20 amino acids that are used by cells to synthesize proteins.
    -Tyrosine is converted to DOPA by tyrosine hydroxylase, an enzyme.
    -It plays a key role in signal transduction, since it can be tagged with a phosphate group (phosphorylated) by protein kinases to alter the functionality and activity of certain enzymes. (In its phosphorylated state, it is sometimes referred to as phosphotyrosine.) Tyrosine is also precursor to the thyroid hormones; thyroxine and triiodothyronine; the pigment melanin, and the biologically-active catecholamines dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine.
    -Patients with a Thyroxine deficiency have symptoms including excess weight gain, cold hands and feet, and decreased basal metabolism. L-Tyrosine has been found to assist in optimizing thyroid hormone levels, increased mood, concentration, and productivity.
    -L-Tyrosine is used to treat conditions including depression or mood disorder, poor coping ability, fatigue, low sex drive, low metabolism, and drug abuse (when combined with Tryptophan). It can also improve endurance under stress and is effective as an appetite suppressant. When taken properly, L-Tyrosine can assist a sluggish thyroid and aid the dieter in losing excess, unwanted pounds.

    -To enhance cognition.
    -Involved in the metabolism of food into energy.
    -Mild mental impairment in the elderly showed a significant improvement of several performances during and after Acetyl-l-carnitine treatment.
    -To significantly reduce severity of depressive symptoms in the elderly.
    -To significantly improve items measuring quality of life.
    -Improve both spatial and temporal memory, and reduce the amount of oxidative damage to RNA in the brain's hippocampus, an area important in memory.Acetyl-l-carnitine is widely used as an energy supplement.
    -Patients showed statistically significant improvements of visual memory and attention
    -Studies demonstrate that ALC treatment is efficacious in alleviating symptoms, particularly pain, and improving nerve fiber regeneration and vibration perception in patients with established diabetic neuropathy
    -Increase sperm mobility in men.
    -It has been shown to have some anti-catabolic effects as well by preventing the decrease in plasma testosterone levels after chronic exercise stress.
    -ALCAR inhibits the excessive release of Cortisol in response to Stress and inhibits the depletion of Luteinising Hormone Releasing Hormone (LHRH) and Testosterone that occurs as a result of excessive Stress.
    -ALCAR increases plasma Testosterone levels (via its influence on Acetylcholine neurotransmission in the Striatal Cortex of the Brain)
    -One study showed 2g each per day of L-carnitine & ALCAR beat testosterone in increasing erections and orgasms in men

    -Dimethylaminoethanol is related to choline and is a biochemical precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and found naturally in fishes like sardines and anchovies. It is reported to have nootropic effects.
    -It is believed that Dimethylaminoethanol is methylated to choline in the brain. It is known that Dimethylaminoethanol is processed by the liver into choline.
    -Short term studies show an increase in vigilance and alertness, with a positive influence on mood. Long term studies showed dimethylethanolamine to increase the lifespan of animals in which it was tested.. It is possible dosage is a major factor as a determinant in dimethylethanolamine's overall effects -- i.e., a higher than recommended dose may produce opposite effects in some individuals, hence, more is not always best.

    -Vinpocetine has several possible actions, including increasing cerebral blood flow and metabolism, anticonvulsant, cognition enhancement, neuroprotection and antioxidant. It has also been reported to inhibit the acetylcholine release evoked by excitatory amino acids and to protect neurons against excitotoxicity.

    Huperzine A-Huperzine A, is a naturally occurring sesquiterpene alkaloid found in the extracts of the firmoss Huperzia serrata. The extract has been used in China for centuries for the treatment of swelling, fever and blood disorders. Recently in clinical trials in China, it has demonstrated neuroprotective effects. It is currently being investigated as a possible treatment for diseases characterized by neurodegeneration – particularly Alzheimer’s disease. Clinical trials in China have shown that huperzine A is comparably effective to the drugs currently on the market, and may even be a bit safer in terms of side effects.

    Caffeine-Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant, having the effect of warding off drowsiness and restoring alertness. Beverages containing caffeine — such as coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks — enjoy popularity great enough to make caffeine the world's most popular psychoactive drug.
    -The principle mode of action of caffeine is as an antagonist of adenosine receptors in the brain. The reduction in adenosine activity results in increased activity of the neurotransmitter dopamine, largely accounting for the stimulatory effect of caffeine. Caffeine can also increase levels of epinephrine, possibly via a different mechanism. Acute usage of caffeine also increases levels of serotonin, causing positive changes in mood.
    -Caffeine is metabolized in the liver by the cytochrome P450 oxidase enzyme system (specifically, the 1A2 isozyme) into three metabolic dimethylxanthines, which each have their own effects on the body:
    • Paraxanthine (84%) – Has the effect of increasing lipolysis (Fat burning!), leading to elevated glycerol and free fatty acid levels in the blood plasma.
    • Theobromine (12%) – Dilates blood vessels and increases urine volume. Theobromine is also the principal alkaloid in cocoa, and therefore chocolate.
    • Theophylline (4%) – Relaxes smooth muscles of the bronchi, and is used to treat asthma, and increase ease of breathing.

    -Caffeine is considered an ergogenic: increasing the capacity for mental or physical labor. A study conducted in 1979 showed a 7% increase in distance cycled over a period of two hours in subjects who consumed caffeine compared to control tests (Ivy et al. 1979). Other studies attained much more dramatic results; one particular study of trained runners showed a 44% increase in "race-pace" endurance, as well as a 51% increase in cycling endurance, after a dosage of 9 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight (Graham & Spriet 1991). The extensive boost shown in the runners is not an isolated case; additional studies have reported similar effects. Another study found 5.5 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body mass resulted in subjects cycling 29% longer during high intensity circuits (Trice & Hayes 1995).

    (and it tastes good too )

  3. Sounds good to me! sign me UP!

    Age: 23

    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 281lbs

    Sex: Male

    Basic Training Protocol: DoggCrapp training

    Previous Logs/Reviews (with links):

    Current Supplements: Animal pak, USP labs Rem, Nutrabolics Isobolic, Anabolic Innovations whey isolate

    Previous Nootropic/ Stimulant Experience: clenbuterol, ephedrine, ephedrine+caffeine, ECA stack, Lipo 6, Lipo 6+ ephedrine, Yohimbine HCL, Hydroxycut (3 different formulas), Biotest Powerdrive, Jacked (by Chad Nicholls)

    How do you plan to use Focus XT? (studying, training, work etc or a combination)- please provide details: training

    When can you start your log/ review: ASAP

  4. Age: 30

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 209

    Sex: Male

    Basic Training Protocol:Varies, generally heavy core movements finishing off with more intense TUT style training.

    Previous Logs/Reviews (with links):
    BigVrunga's BOOTLEG Hyperdrol Log:)
    BigVrunga's Anagen/LipidFX Trial
    BigV's LipidFX log

    I know there's more somewhere...

    Current Supplements: MultiVitamin, Vitamin C, Cissus, Forslean

    Previous Nootropic/ Stimulant Experience: Vinopocetine, ALCAR, Caffeine, Ephedrine, Rhodiola Rosea, Chocamine, Piracetam, Choline, many others. As far as 'canned' supps goL: ALRI Primed, Scivation NeuroStim + C, USPLabs C2

    How do you plan to use Focus XT? (studying, training, work etc or a combination)- please provide details:
    A combination. My early morning workouts demand some type of preworkout booster (they're much more fun that way anyway!). The possibility of a promotion at work has me working extra hard trying to prove myself. So workouts, studying, training.

    When can you start your log/ review: ASAP

  5. well, why not! I don't post much around here, but am active on several other forums, including

    Age - 19
    Weight - 215-220
    Height - 6'
    Gender - Male

    Training/how I intend to use Focus XT - I am a self-acclaimed aspiring strongman, with one competition under my belt. I am training for strength primarily, but I refuse to let my bodyfat become too much of a problem. My training centers around the squat, deadlift, and overhead press, as well as training for specific events (odd object lifting, farmer's walks, tire flips, pulling events, etc.). Each bodypart is worked at least once per week, generally 2 times per week. I work a job which requires me to be active for the entire duration of my shift. It is generally factory-type work, but I have recently been asked to almost solely re-paint the entire plant....which can be quite boring. Either way, I believe focusXT would be a welcome addition to my strongman training, as well as to my wfficiency and enthusiasm at work.

    Some past logs/reviews:

    Controlled Labs SesaGLOW log:
    SesaGLOW+strongman? Beast69's log - Forums

    Designer Stackable's Basic Cuts Review:

    Primaforce's Thermal Rage Log:
    beast69's Thermal Rage log - Forums

    Current Supplements - Whey protein, Multivitamin. I was using high-dosed Cissus/ regular-dosed powerFULL, as well as CEE, but have decided to stop all supplements for a few weeks. I am unsure as to whether I'll start up again. Depending on whether or not im chosen, It may not be for a while

    past energy/nootropic supps:

    Ergolean AMP
    DS Basic Cuts
    Primaforce Thermal Rage
    EC of varying dosages

    I can start my log the moment I recieve the product...although it may take a LITTLE longer, as i'm in canada

  6. BigVrunga i don't think you have enough experience with logs for this bro lol

  7. Beast - pretty sure you'd have to run the log here if we pick you.
    (I don't post on and I don't think JB does anymore either.)

    BigV - you have to send me naked pics of yourself to get selected.
    And PRAY you are hot enough.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    Beast - pretty sure you'd have to run the log here if we pick you.
    (I don't post on and I don't think JB does anymore either.)
    If I were chosen, I would keep a detailed log on any board necessary. I mean, c'mon, it's not like you're asking much

  9. Age: 31
    Height: 5' 8 "

    Weight: 215
    Sex: Male

    Basic Training Protocol: Progressive Overload
    Previous Logs/Reviews (with links):
    Alpha Drive XL™ and My road to recovery Log

    Current Supplements:Alpha Drive XL Centrum Multi-V

    Previous Nootropic/ Stimulant Experience: Clen, Venom Hyperdrive 3.0, Cea ethyl Thunder, Ephedra, Green tea, Caffeine
    How do you plan to use Focus XT? (studying, training, work etc or a combination)- please provide details: Combination of Training and Work related.

    When can you start your log/ review: About 2 weeks 20th of sept abouts.

  10. I'm only asking for a new head coach at Miami right now.

    You can post them wherever you like - sounds like AM and are the only requirements.

  11. Age: 21

    Height: 5'10.5

    Weight: 170

    Sex: M

    Basic Training Protocol:

    5 day split

    M: Arms
    T: Legs
    W: Chest
    T: Back
    F: shoulders

    Previous Logs/Reviews (with links):
    None. Hopefully trust will work

    Current Supplements:
    Protein, Creatine, Multi

    Previous Nootropic/ Stimulant Experience:
    ALCAR, Caffeine, Yohimbe (eww), Relax All, Valerian Root, Kava, Ginseng, AMP, STIZM, STIM-X,

    How do you plan to use Focus XT? (studying, training, work etc or a combination)- please provide details:
    I would use it for both school/studying and also to help w workouts

    When can you start your log/ review:

  12. SNS Focus XT Log from Yeahright This is how I find out we're breaking up?

  13. Yes - YR.

    You didn't put out on the first date.
    I warned you ahead of time.
    Now - we are through!!!

  14. LOL. This is an awesome product. People should line-up to be reviewers.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright
    SNS Focus XT Log from Yeahright This is how I find out we're breaking up?
    This is a great log and exactly what we're looking for from the upcoming testers.

    Jmh would also likie nude before and after pictures PMed to him while testing this product....

  16. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright
    SNS Focus XT Log from Yeahright This is how I find out we're breaking up?
    Just wanted to say I love the format of this log and the log you did gives a good example of what we are looking for.

    I would encourage everyone wanting to review or use Focus XT to read your log as to see the variety of uses.
    The NEW Focus XT - Mental Clarity, Focus, Concentration, & Energy:
    SNS VASO6 - Making Daily Use VASO6 a Reality:

  17. A little birdie told me about this

    Age: 28

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: About 195

    Sex: Hell yeah!

    Basic Training Protocol: MMA training, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai 3-5 times per week; DC-style weight training 3 times per week.

    Previous Logs/Reviews (with links):

    Current Supplements:
    Fenotest, protein, vitamins, sesathin, flax oil

    Previous Nootropic/ Stimulant Experience:

    How do you plan to use Focus XT? (studying, training, work etc or a combination)- please provide details:
    Definitely as a work aid. I just started a new year teaching a new curriculum at a new school. I've been working 14 hour days for the last 2 weeks, and will probably continue at a minimum of 10-12 hours on weekdays and a few more on weekends. I haven't been on the board that much recently b/c of this, but I can definitely make it here to log something that will help me stay focused. I'm a naturally disorganized person, so I love products that keep me on task.

    When can you start your log/ review: ASAP

  18. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    I'm only asking for a new head coach at Miami right now.

    You can post them wherever you like - sounds like AM and are the only requirements.
    getting demanding now are we? I may have to re-think this...

    beast69-"PLEASE tell me he knows I'm only kidding!"

    Good luck to those chosen!
  19. App

    My Stats




    6'2 or 191cm

    Current Weight:
    200lbs or 90.5kg



    Backbround and Training Experience:
    Started training 4 years ago at 163lb. Just finished Waterbury Training System. Switched over to the CUT Diet training system (volume training).

    Current Lifting Program:

    Current Cardio Program:
    EVERY morning 30 mins on the treadmill, running. If I feel up to it, 10-20mins after training also. I'm cutting so I need to.

    Prescription / Rec Drugs
    Stilnox (zolpiderm) on occasion for sleep.

    Previous Nootropic/ Stimulant Experience:
    Hmm the list.
    Diesel Fuel

    Current Supplementation:
    Diesel Test
    Whey/Casein/Calcium Casenate
    NOW Adam Multi
    Beta Glucan
    Immune Renew
    Dairy Digest
    Currently logging Diesel Test, finish is three weeks. I don't think that me doing a Focus XT log in a few weeks would be of any concern to you or Chuck. Very different products and not likely to interfere with each other. Also, by the time you select and ship and I start log, my DT log wil be very close to over.

    I'm also studying Literature
    Recent Logs

    How do you plan to use Focus XT?
    I'd like to try it in the following ways:
    Pre Cardio (AM on empty stomach)
    Pre Gym (Afternoon)
    During work, dosing morning and afternoon - I normally drink coffee 9:30 / 3:30 - so replace coffee with Focus
    Pre Dancing on Friday / Saturday night
    Before lectures
    Before long reading sessions and during if necessary (Literature student)

    I can start the log as soon as you like.

    USPLabs Cissus/Symmetry Log
    USPLabs Cissus/Symmetry log

    BioScience Triple Threat Log
    Solarize Triple Threat Log

    ThermoLife Xplode Reload Log
    ThermoLife Xplode Reload log by Solarize - Forums

    Diesel Fuel (new forumla)
    Get Diesel - Diesel FUEL log - New Forumla - Forums

    Man CLOUT Log
    MAN Clout Log - Forums

    Diesel Test Log
    Diesel TEST - New Formula, 4 Week Review - Forums

    Sesalean Log
    SesaLean Review - Forums

  20. Ya i agree nice log Yeahright.

    So do you want us to be done in a month or so? Because i only train 3 times a week with DC, unless you want me to take it for cardio which would probably be a waste. So 1 tub will last me about 7 weeks.

  21. Age: 23

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 205

    Sex: Yes please

    Training Protocol: 3 day split. Push, pull, legs (alternate DL/Squat weeks)

    Current supps: Caffeine, multi... that's it.

    Previous nootropic/stim exp.: Former EYC,ect. addict. Used caff/tyramine for about a year or more. Recreationally used adderrall at concerts (<10 times ever).

    How do I plan on taking Focus XT?: Playing poker and making lots (more) of money! Also to get back into training steadily.

    When can I start?: ASAP

  22. Age: 24

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 195 (light for me ) couldn't work out for 2 months due to my job (seriously couldnt at all- i didnt have 10 minutes to myself) 80hrs a week doin door-to-door sales (Southwestern Publishing Co.) and not being able to eat like i should -until i broke my leg.

    Sex: Male

    Basic Training Protocol: M, W, F, Sunday - focusing on upper body mostly b/c one of my legs is broken and atrophied!! (3 months on crutches- 1.5 left to go)

    Previous Logs/Reviews (with links):

    Not as of yet.

    Current Supplements: MultiVitamin, Vitamin C, CissusRX, Jungle Warfare, USP REM, Whey, purple wrath, CEE/Mag creatine chelate

    Previous Nootropic/ Stimulant Experience: Vinopocetine, ALCAR, Caffeine, Ephedrine, Rhodiola Rosea, Chocamine, Piracetam, Choline, aniracetam, "Brain Drive", "Psychotropin", Adderall, Concerta, NeuroStim + C

    How do you plan to use Focus XT? (studying, training, work etc or a combination)- please provide details:
    A combination b/c im going to school working on my MBA and lifting - im using a bowflex ultimate currently b/c i am on crutches and dont go to my gym right now for fear of injuring myself. I need a lift in the morning for classes (i really do) and in the afternoon for workouts after classes.

    When can you start your log/ review: ASAP

  23. Age:31


    Weight:186 or so

    Sex: Male

    Basic Training Protocol: Usualy 4 days a week, monday is usualy back day, tuesday chest, wednesday off, thursday legs, friday shoulders.

    Previous Logs/Reviews (with links):My workout/cut log with goodies!
    Scivation's Lipid FX Log

    Current Supplements:
    Test Prop
    Tren Ace
    Cycle Support
    Hot Rox Extreme

    Previous Nootropic/ Stimulant Experience: Venom HD 3.0, Neurostim, Redline, Ventilean, Ephedra+ Caffeine.

    How do you plan to use Focus XT? (studying, training, work etc or a combination)- please provide details: I plan to use it when i get up in the morning before i train as its very hard to get me motivated early unless i got a great night sleep which is hard for me to do at times which is why i have REM. Or if im pulling a double at work before i work since i obviously wont be able to traint hat day.

    When can you start your log/ review: If im picked i can start as soon as i get the container! Thanks for the chance to even register for this and i wont let you down if im picked.

    Thanks bros!

    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  24. Age:19




    Basic Training Protocol:HST right now. I will be doing a 5x5 program when I finish this in 3 weeks.

    Previous Logs/Reviews (with links):I have done a log for a Mega Cissus Dosing from USP Labs. I can't find the link to it though.

    Current Supplements:CEE, Powerfull, Cissus RX, Whey Protein, and vitamins.

    Previous Nootropic/ Stimulant Experience:Caffeine/Effedra and various nootropic supplements such as ginkgo biloba

    How do you plan to use Focus XT? (studying, training, work etc or a combination)- please provide details: I am both a student and weightlifter/bodybuilder. I attend Wittenberg University as a biology major. Also, I lift and am currently using the HST program for the first time. I plan on going to a 5x5 program afterwards. I will be able to give details on how it helps both my training and studying.

    When can you start your log/ review: I can start this as soon as I get the shipment.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  25. Age: 32

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 196

    Sex: m

    Basic Training Protocol: A powerlifting program put together by Chris Popvich

    Previous Logs/Reviews (with links):

    Man Clout
    1Fast400 Forums -> poison's reformulated Clout log

    USPLabs Mega Cissus/Symmetry

    1Fast400 Forums -> poison's USPLabs Mega Cissus/Symmetry log

    Scivation Fenotest

    1Fast400 Forums -> poison's Fenotest Log

    Current Supplements: Clout, multi, green tea, whey/casein, Retain, Anadrox for energy, soon starting Horsepower and Jungle WArfare

    Previous Nootropic/ Stimulant Experience: ephedra (many types), AMP, StimX, Redline, Neurostim, Bodyquick (almost got booted from ************* for this one ), GO!, Driven, goes on.

    How do you plan to use Focus XT? (studying, training, work etc or a combination)- please provide details:

    I get up at 5:30am, start work at 7:00am, work until 7:00pm with no breaks (in executive protection, basically physical security for a celebrity family), and either get to the gym by 8:00pm for a 1.5 hour workout 3 times a week; roast coffee for my little business on the side until 11-12 at night; or spend a couple hours with my wife and kids. I do this 5-6 nights a week, sometimes up to 18 days in a row with no days off.

    I average 5 hours of sleep a night. My job is mentally demanding, and I must keep a very positive demeanor without fail throughout my long day, as part of my job. I usually have 2 double espressos in the mid morning, and I'll have a pick-up before hitting the gym in the form of one of the above mentioned stims. I need them to get my ass in there.

    When can you start your log/ review: Now. It certainly wouldn't interfere with anything I'm currently taking, or planning on taking. I work with a bunch of guys who live by the stims, and would watch very closely to see how this works out.


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