CVM Xtreme Shelf Life?

  1. CVM Xtreme Shelf Life?

    I purchased cvm xtreme back around mid november. I used it for about 3 weeks and decided to stop to focus in on a cut, planning on using it later in the future (around now)

    I opened it today for the first time and the powder seemed to be chiunkier and more clupmy. I was worried that it possible went bad but did not see any experation date on the container.

    I was just wondering if the cvm could go bad ad if so after how long?


  2. I don't think there's anything in CVM which would go 'off' exactly, but since it's a cell volumizing product it will inherently take up water once opened-just like you can't keep regular CEE from clumping. However it should be just as effective as ever.

    The actual expiration is on the right-front of the label, embossed along the bottom edge.

  3. Blap gave a great answer above. It should be fine to take, but as he said any cell volumizer can clump due to taking up moisture.
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  4. thanks for the help fellas Im glad to know I can still use it

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