PCT products

  1. PCT products

    After a 3-4 week (depending on gains) run of Methyl plex
    How would rec. I use Inhibit and Reduce? Dosing and timing

  2. What does your post cycle therapy consist of in it's entirity?

  3. These two products (or the similar from Designer)
    I have access to the TC but only want to use it if needed

  4. If TC is tamoxifen citrate, and methyl plex is a steroid, then yes, it is needed.

  5. The doses I would use for Reduce would be 4 caps per day, split - 2,1,1.

    For Inhibit-E, you can see various ways of taking that. A common way of doing it over 4 weeks of PCT would be:
    Week 1: 3 caps (2 morning, 1 night)
    Week 2: 3 caps (2 morning, 1 night)
    Week 3: 2 caps (1 morning, 1 night)
    Week 4: 1 cap (1 at night)

    As for PCT, I cannot comment on any prescription things, but you may want to do a search of some other user logs and see the various things that their PCT consists of.
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