Master Log/Review Thread for SNS Products

  1. Master Log/Review Thread for SNS Products

    I wanted to start this thread to serve as a place to post links for reviews and logs done on our products here on Anabolic Minds.

    We will try to keep this up to date, but if anyone uses any of our products and decides to do a log or review, please post the link here.

    Also, if anyone sees a log or review that is not linked here, please post it here for us.

    SNS and Competitive Edge Labs Black Friday Sales:


    ctgblue's SNS Focus XT, CEE, and Synephrine reivew (on behalf of his wife)

    Hey Steve, I haven't been able to start using my products yet as I tore my calf muscle on the 1st of Jan

    My wife has started using the Focus, CEE, and Synephrine that we got

    Focus XT - she's gotta water it down, her first words were "oh my god I can't drink this stuff" (although she admitted it was nowhere near as bad as the first lem/raspberry Kranker powder was, arrggghhh)
    She's found the balance now and just freaking LOVES THIS STUFF.

    Serious preworkout buzz that carries her through her 5am workout. Her first few times she said it gave her a bit of a "dirty buzz", no jitters, but a little more edgy than Neurostim for sure.
    Has been using it every morning she's going heavy (I can't wait until I heal enough to start the am thing again)

    The CEE: well, she's bloating big time (8lbs in one week) but NO HEADACHES which cre-mono and cre-titrate gave her within a few days. Her strength is soaring (she leg presses 6 plates a side and looks like a figure model), she's really happy with everything but the bloat (of course)

    The synephrine: I guess this is the supp that's hard to judge, but she says she has not been as "starving" during the days where her lunch break gets messed up.

    Overall, I think you've got awesome products and I can't wait to try them myself.

    buffhunk29's Log for SNS Creatine E2 matrix and Arg. E2

    Overall Thoughts One the Stack:
    Everything that i i got out of this cycle was awesome! i tried to take an unbaised veiw at the 2 products. but after the first couple workouts it was hard to be fair because of how these to products were working for me. so at some points in this review you might think to yourself this kid is just saying what we want to hear. no sir this has been all based on my results.

    i fell that these 2 products stacked together were amazing. when i went to the gym i knew i would get an extreme pump. and the pump just got better as i went. strength tok a while to ick in a little longer than i expected but i was glad for the delay because strength gains were awesome.

    overall this is a very good satck. like most of you know i am 10 weeks out of a show so i would like to keep as much muscle as i can while losing the rest of my body fat. i feel these products helped me to stay full pretty much all day, and give me that edge in the gym to get that extra reps or that 5 pound increase.

    So all in all i will def be buying these products again.
    and i wanted to thank steve again for the chance to do this for him!! keep up the good work guys at sns. and bring use some crazy new supps in the future!

    ctgblue's Serious Nutrition Solutions "SNS" Stack results

    OK, my wife and I both tried a different version of this stack. Basically, I added the NO products and she didn't.

    Her stack
    SNS - Focus XT
    SNS - Creatine E2
    SNS - Synephrine

    Her results: The focus XT is frikkin awesome, absolutely stacks up to Scivation Neurostim+C and even Ergopharm AMP. The first couple of times she tried it, it gave her a bit of a "dirty buzz" as she called it and the taste was soso. She got her water level on it right and the taste came in line and she LOVES this stuff. And that's saying a lot.

    The CE2 -creatine ethyl ester, she really likes this. Regular monohydrate, titrates, etc.. always wound up giving her a migraine within about 3 days. This stuff never did, she got strong as hell, and her recovery is simply silly fast. She's gone at it for 6 weeks avg 6 days/wk, some 2 a day, and she is just now needing to ease up (we believe it's the damn USP Campholic that has us both aching, testing this theory this week, look for post in synergy next week) She gained weight and swore she was bloating, but she didn't. This girl is close to leg pressing 7 plates per side, she embarasses guys at the gym every leg day. God, I Love this woman!

    The synephrine - big deal, it's synephrine, too hard to tell if it helps or not.

    My results after 3 weeks on this stack:
    SNS - Focus XT
    SNS - Creatine E2 Matrix
    SNS - Arginine E2 Matrix
    SNS - Reduce XT

    OK, I came off of Nitrix, Xpand, and Higher power CE3, Neurostim+C

    Nitrix is not up to my gold standard of IDS NP2 Thintabs by a LONG ways. Xpand good, HP - OK.

    SNS - Focus XT: see her esults, same here, rocket launcher without the shaky feeling I get from Kranker powder. Remember, we get up at 4:30am to hit the gym...

    SNS - Creatine E2 Matrix & SNS - Arginine E2 Matrix: Awesome combo, easily in the same league as the IDS stuff, I get wicked sick veins in my arms using this, while doing cardio to warm up!!! My strength is up and recovery was great (until the USP stuff hit me)

    SNS - Reduce XT: Just can't tell, seems OK, but I'm suffering the campholic soreness and I have no idea.

    Overall, I gotta say that the SNS stuff ROCKS!

    I don't give 5 star ratings to much, but the Creatine E2, Creatine E2 Matrix, Arginine E2 Matrix, and Focus XT are up there close to perfect. I'd like to see the pricing better, but compared to all the Muscletech and BSN stuff that doesn't work for me, this stuff is killer.

    Sword's SNS CVM Xtreme and AE2 Matrix Review

    Steve at SNS gave me this product about 5 weeks ago and I've been using it ever since with AE2 and I must say this is a great ergogenic product. I have definitely seen gains in lean mass and especially strength. I have set many personal records over the period of time using it even only once a day (the instructions say take it once prior to a workout and about 8-12 hrs after your last serving).

    The proof is in the pudding.

    As for the AE2 Matrix, I was actually really skeptical about products containing arginine in them because the practical application of NO products have been conclusive and contradictory at times. I've used arginine / orthinine (non esterfied) before in the past and got NOTHING out of this. With this product I have also got an increased level of endurance for my workouts and I am about to start using it prior to bed time in hopes of increasing my GH levels (Orthinine especially has been shown in studies to assist in secreting GH at night).

    If you were to compare this to other stuff on the market I would say that this is a great buy for the value. I intend on using this in the future after finishing what I have now.

    Wedgylx's Wedgylx's SNS CVM log

    tops2heavy's SNS CVM Xtreme+Arginine E2 Matrix Log


    tops2heavy's Focus XT by SNS: log and review

    Overall Review
    Now that I am finished up with my log I decided I would throw in how I feel about this product overall. My first couple workouts were absolutely amazing... I then had a couple workouts that were a little less intense but could definitely still feel the product.. and then it seemed to kick back into full gear again. I loved the intensity, focus, aggression, and energy that Focus XT gives and I recommend it to anyone looking for a solid stim product, a boost in energy preworkout, or someone trying to study for the big test. I really can't say enough about this stuff... had some of my best lifts and workouts on it and I will continue to use it regularly in the future. Taste was decent, even better when mixed with tea. I also noticed some added benefits of spreading it out evenly throughout the day... noticed more focus and attention on little things.

    I also noticed this stuff to help with communication... I noticed myself asking more questions in class and being more talkative then normal.

    Overall an awesome product...definitely will use it again.. and i recommend to everyone to just try it one time... and you'll be hooked... Big Thanks again to Steve and the SNS bunch for helping me out with this log... look for CVM extreme and Arginine Matrix in the near future!!!

    SNS Focus XT Test, Review, & Log

    Hit another dose yesterday with great results. Got some boost, and studied for a while. It hit me in about 25 min or so and lasted about 3-4 hours. No crash at all, but i dont really crash from anything (the only thing i have crashed from is Stim x).

    I gave some to a girl i know and she said she liked it a lot. I also gave the girl some amp a while ago and i asked her how she liked this compared to the AMP. she said that she likes this better than 2 amps, but likes 3 amps better than this.

    I personally like this better than 3 amps, but 3 amps for her might be like 4 amps for me...and ive never tried 4 amps.

    hopefully that helps some people.

    Sword, SNS Focus XT, My review

    I tried this a few months back and I wanted to give some feedback on it.

    When I tried this I was trying to compare it to Scivation's Neurostim+C caps, my own personal nootropic stacks, and by its own merit. I got the Pink Lemonade flavor. Pretty tangy and I bet some of it could be contributed to the amount of ALCAR in it.

    Overall I think its a great product for preworkout energy if you are heavy into stimulants. In my personal experience I've used products like this and similar preworkout to deliver a clean energy and focus to my workout. It defintely affects your mind/muscle connection. This isn't a replacement for CEE products or anything like that, just something for that extra kick.

    Most of the times when I used it I used it for workouts, but I've tried it a few times during days where I had to concentrate on something for a long time (studying, figuring out something, mundane tasks, etc.). Next time I buy it I will probably try it out with piracetam as I've heard that's a good stack for mental focus, clarity, etc.

    Comparing this to other products on the market it is worth your buy. This actually has a higher amount of ingredients in it than neurostim+c. Only thing is with nootropic products is that I'd advise cycling them since you can develop a tolerance for them.

    johnz's comments on Focus XT

    You want to know what I think of Focus XT? I have to talk w/ my couisn to bring new things in and since we're moving into the warehouse ( which will be dome this next week!!!!) he doesn't want anything new at all untill we get settled in there and get rolling. You'll notice we don't carry SNS....yet. But my main key to getting up in the morning to workout ( besides Howard Stern!) is Focus XT. In fact, I'll call Steve or keith and tell them to charge me whatever they feel like...that I need my Focus XT...I order a couple of bottles at a time, and its unbelievable.

    I don't even think about needing ephedra or that kind of kick anymore...this product to me is what only a quality outfit would come out with. Bravo, SNS.

    uhockey's comments on Focus XT

    Definitely a top notch supplement. I love it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by JBlaze
    awesome- I have no idea how I missed this one.

    Please don't hurt me Steve

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Blap
    awesome- I have no idea how I missed this one.

    Please don't hurt me Steve

    SNS and Competitive Edge Labs Black Friday Sales:

  6. I'll make sure to bookmark this thread and put my Arginine Matrix link in here.

  7. Hey SNS, I am testing AE2 for you guys, and I was wondering if you would like it immediately, or if I can keep it for a part of my PCT..I was planning on doing my cycle the first week of June, but if you would like I can postpone the cycle to test out the AE2

  8. Mulletsoldier's AE2 Log

    Last Update

    -181 (+7)

    -Up the wazoo. I have been setting PR's pretty much left right and center. I believe PFull/AE2 is a great combo, for my post cycle therapy I will be adding CVM as well. Should be great


    -I actually did start to notice some more vascularity towards the end of the AE2. Pumps remained amazing and were quality and long lasting. I should also note I had comments about my fullness quite frequently.

    -Recovery remained steady and increased throughout the run. Recovery between days was never at where I wanted it to be, but between sets was pretty good.


    -I noticed the biggest change here. I had to reign myself in on more than one occasion. Fantastic muscular endurance

    Additional Comments:
    -This combo was one of the most effective I have ever taken. If I didn't want to start my cycle so bad I would have boughten another bottle of each to continue the run. I will definitely be reccomending this supp to everyone I know, and please keep me in mind for any future testing SNS!!!

    JBlaze: My final review of CVM Xtreme and AE2 Matrix

    Summary of my results on CVM Xtreme/AE2 Matrix:

    Per Steveís request, here is my final review on CVM Xtreme and AE2 Matrix. My full log on these products may be found here:

    Strength: On day 9 I had reported absolutely no strength gains. Ironically, by the end of the cycle this was the most noticeable benefit! As you know, I rotate between a heavy and light week, but both flat bench and squats stay consistent. Thus, I use these to exercises to gauge my strength increase. Both my flat bench press and squat numbers increased drastically. Using CVM Xtreme and AE2 Matrix, my bench went up 27.5lbs after being nearly the same for the past 2 months!

    Weight gain: I started the CVM Xtreme and AE2 Matrix at 194 lbs. My final weight on this cycle was 199 lbs yielding a net gain of 5 lbs overall. Diet and training stayed consistent throughout the entire period cycle. Unfortunately, I did not have time to take my measurements during finals weeks, as I was too busy studying. During this period, I also did not find time to work out, so my current measurements would not be beneficial to this log.

    Intensity: My gym intensity is always very high, but these products have helped me on days Iím dragging. As I mentioned before, if I think Iím going to have a bad workout, I just take the day off. Lately this hasnít been a problem. Even if Iím exhausted, after taking the CVM Xtreme pre-workout dose, I become very energetic and always have a great workout!

    Increased Endurance: Consistently throughout my cycle, I was able to do several more reps during every single exercise. Normally by the end of my workout Iím half dead, but on CVM and AE2 I feel like I can keep going for a few more sets.

    Muscle Fullness/Vascularity: The muscle fullness while on CVM Xtreme and AE2 Matrix was unbelievable. The worked muscles stay full and hard throughout the entire day and only went down the following morning. My veins, especially in my forearms, popped out like crazy on these products. Throughout my cycle I had several people comment on them.

    Pumps: The pumps on CVM Xtreme and AE2 Matrix were incredible. However, I had to give up both jogging and using the treadmill because the pumps in my calves were so intense that they almost became painful! I was forced to switch over to biking for cardio, and did not experience any problems after this. Similarly, I was forced to stretch after every single set because my muscle would become too damn pumped up. While some of you may consider this to be a negative, I consider this to be a very positive benefit. In an article written by Jim Stoppani for the Nov. 2005 issue of Flex magazine, he states ďAlthough the pump is a dynamic psychological factor in inspiring muscle growth, it's also a dynamic physiological factor. Pumping your muscles primes them for expansionÖ [Pumps] can teach your body to more effectively drive fluids into your muscles, creating more space and volume in them--and, ultimately, more muscular growth.Ē

    Value: This stuff is absolutely incredible! Many people who keep logs claim they will may use the products again, but you never know if they actually did. Personally, I have already purchased more and plan to be a repeat customer with Serious Nutrition Solutions. Thank you for making such great products!!

  9. APowerz6 CVM Xtremity Log, READ IT, GET IT, GOOD!!!
    CVM Xtremity LOG!!!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Apowerz6
    APowerz6 CVM Xtremity Log, READ IT, GET IT, GOOD!!!
    CVM Xtremity LOG!!!

    Don't worry, I didn't miss your log I usually just wait until logs are finished so I can post up the final review alongside the link.

    Looks like a great start though

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Blap

    Don't worry, I didn't miss your log I usually just wait until logs are finished so I can post up the final review alongside the link.

    Looks like a great start though

    Impressive posts Blap.


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