1. Creatine

    I am thinking about supplementing creatine and have heard many positive reviews about yours. However, I was wondering for the most out of my money and best results would you guys recommend the Creatine E2, Creatine E2 matrix, or CVM Xtreme?

    Additionally I take Pro Complex and XTEND.

  2. I personally have only used the Creatine E2 (LOVED IT!!!!), but I think this is going to become a matter of what you are looking for:

    from what I understand...

    Creatine E2 - just Creatine Ethyl Ester

    Creatine E2 Matrix - Creatine Ethyl Ester / Nitric Oxide Hybrid

    CVM - workout support supplement with creatine, nitric oxide precursors, creatine production supporters, etc.

    Since you want the most bang...probably go with the CVM, but since you are taking Xtend which has nitric oxide precursors in it, you could just add the Creatine E2 and have your BCAAs, NO precursors and CE2 all in one shot.

    Either way, you can't go wrong with SNS products; they rock!

    ...just my $0.02 though.

  3. i have a log on the creatine E2 matrix loved it!!! i would go with this one not only a good creatine but awesome pumps

  4. thanks guys- glad you've enjoyed the products

    anabolik1's assesment is pretty spot on- the cit malate in Creatine E2 Matrix is also for good increased endurance and would add nicely to the cit malate in your Xtend.

    If you want an all out creatine/NO product CVM Xtreme is a very solid choice, particularly for pre-workout. Bare in mind this is a flavoured powder, not pills like the others. Plus this stuff lasts ages.

    Creatine E2 is your basic CEE supplement.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Anabolik1 did a great assessment.

    Creatine E2 is straight CEE, 750 mg per capsule, available in 120 and 240 cap sizes. It is an excellent cost effective option for those looking for straight CEE and not wanting to have to fool with capping it themselves or dealing with the taste of bulk CEE powder.

    Creatine E2 Matrix is an excellent choice for those wanting CEE and an NO complex, and wanting or needing the convenience of a capsule.

    CVM Xtreme contains the highest amount of active ingredients and delivers the most bang for the buck. (You can simply fit more actives in a powder than a capsule).

    Another important note is that we have independant lab results on the CEE and Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate used.

    My personal stack choice is CVM Xtreme and Arginine E2 Matrix.
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  6. Thanks for the help guys.. although I don't really believe in NO products because I don't need the pump, the CVM did look like it had the most active ingrediants and therefore I was going to lean towards that. I think that might be the way I'm goin to go. Thanks for the help.


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