Need your opinions

  1. Need your opinions

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    "Simple enough. While we are working on more complex projects, we were thinking about the idea of releasing several single ingredient capsule or powdered products. We'd like to get your opinion as a consumer on what you'd like to see. The more opinions the better.

    Please let us know whats on your mind.

  2. Id like to see some anti-es other than ATD or other steroidal choices.

    I know Chrysin had good testtube results, but has poor bioavailability.

    But I beleive others like DIM can be effective when taken in the correct dosages.

  3. KRALA, and Tyramine caps ( would go good with the synpherine).
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  4. I'm definately always looking for stuff to make PCT's better and also stuff to bridge with...

  5. Id like to see a solid antioxidant

  6. i think you guys should come out with a bcaa product to compete with xtend, sell it a little cheaper it will be a hit

  7. ICE and MRM compete decently with xtend.... although i like xtend the best

  8. Some sort of nettle extract would be cool. Not too many specialized products in this department out there

  9. Keep the ideas coming. I like getting as many opinions as we can.


  10. Cheap KRALA with biotin caps!!
    Cheap Nettle root extract caps
    Cheap AA caps - just dont sell it as a muscle builder but I am not sure if you want to go there.

    I love caps <3

  11. Formestane powder or high dose caps
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  12. It's getting hard to find a good CLA that's in stock
    we like primaforce but it's always sold out

    a good R-ALA or ALA

    Your focus xt core in caps

  13. Quote Originally Posted by ctgblue
    It's getting hard to find a good CLA that's in stock
    we like primaforce but it's always sold out

    a good R-ALA or ALA

    Your focus xt core in caps
    Thanks for the ideas.

    I would like to do a nootropic in caps at some point, was thinking of making something different than Focus though, maybe something that could be stacked with it. Whats your thoughts?

  14. A nootropic would be good. I have yet to use one, and I also have yet to use one of your products... I could kill 2 birds with one stone! hah


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