ReduceXT & Inhibit-P

  1. ReduceXT & Inhibit-P

    How long can someone use them for, like 8 weeks on & 4 off?

    Not necessarily in stack, just asking for my info.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I'd say for reduce XT it depends on what tour cortisol level might be. If you mean 8 on 4 off for a long time then maybe better to do 4 on 4 off. Unless you have really high cortisol.

  3. I've been taking 2 caps RXT since 26th of July when PCT began and almost running out so was thinking to continue for another bottle. Also used a bottle of Inhibit-P.

    Now that I think about it once I run out of RXT I will be doing a full blood test, most probably end of month, to see where I am and take it from there.
  4. ReduceXT & Inhibit-P

    Its recommend 8 weeks on 4 weeks off. Bloods would be the best tell.

    Personally I've run just 1 cap Reduce-XT for 12 weeks and everything came back fine.

    Reduce-XT and Inbibit-P to make for a great PCT stack. Add in Inhibit-E and you've got everything covered.
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  5. Simply due to a lack of long term testing we have to recommend 8. On 4 off. That said, as DW mentioned, especially at less than full dose or with bloods, you probably can.

    Outside of a cycle with prolactin sides that exceeds 8 weeks tho I don't see much reason.
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  6. Thanks guys, I'll update once I get the results.

  7. ive done the 8 on 4 off with success

  8. As already stated OP, 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off. Great choice in going with SNS. Bulk ingredients at cost effective prices with proper doses.
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