1. inhibit-p?

    I had bloodwork dobe and was informed that I have high prolactin levels. Had all tests done. No tumors. Endocrine said my levels could be skewed bc I lift, take supplements and I'm a woman (not pregnant). They could not provide me with any reasons why regular vitamins could make me have high levels nor did they offer to give me caber or anything to lower it.

    I cant really find any info on other side effects of high prolactin. I dont have any lactating issues. I have side effects of libido loss will Inhibit p help me? Can lowering my prolactin help with abdominal fat? Most posts I read about this product are by men but interested in this product. Thanks

  2. Odds are it won't help much with abdominal fat. Lowering prolactin could help with libido, but a lot depends on how high your levels were vs normal too. Inhibit P seems to have a noticeable reduction in prolactin, but not on the order of cabergoline or the other pharmaceutical drugs. Its inexpensive enough to be worth a shot though i'd think.

  3. hmm ok. so maybe a more clear explanation of the inhibit p would help. or maybe it would be more effective if i was a guy lol. i dont know what my levels were off hand. had bloodwork done twice. i will look and post later.

  4. well, it is a combination of ingredients that each separately have been used historically either in the US or in the east for controlling prolactin. The blood test (along with the reference levels) might help. If the range is 3-30 and yours is at 29, the doctor might call it high. If its 31-35 on that scale, i'd think the inhibit p could help. If its 50+ odds are the inhibit p would lower it a little, but not enough to bring you in line with normal levels.

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