X-Gels important

  1. X-Gels important

    Hi, can you tell me when the real 250mg per cap ara version will be out there from sns and if it will be the same price as the 100mg version?

  2. 39 views and still no answer? strange that theres no sns rep out there who would like to answer this question

  3. Cyrus has answered this in the other thread which you created.

    Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    Ok, first, you are not being ignored. Us reps, as human beings, can't be on the forums round-the-clock. Second, I can't speak for MN but X-gels does indeed have 100mg ArA per cap and I recommend 10 preworkout on training days only. The reformulated version is on the horizon.
    If you are looking for urgent help i.e. you need a reply within a day I would recommend emailing a company directly. Emails reach a person directly whereas on the forum you are counting on reps finding your thread first.

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  4. ok i saw the other thread in the meantime. what created confusion was that on the sns homepage only 4 caps per day were recommended and that would only be the recommendation for the corrected version

  5. As cooper said in the other thread, it is in the works currently and should be coming soon. We do not have a concrete ETA to go by.
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  6. impatient are we......
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  7. So how much longer for the xgels. Just got done with 8 week Anabeta and now want to start xgels. I have xfactor already but I would run a log on this with xgels. Only taking mcc, agmatine, and beta alanine right now along with my protein and preworkout.


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