Arginine E2

  1. Arginine E2

    Hi Guys, I was sent a bottle of this in their spotlight giveaway promotion.

    I have used it for a few workouts and want to know some experiences from people as to get the best from it. It seems it was dropped and picked back up from the product line and reviews are sparse.

    In terms of pump, I notice nothing from it when taking it on non workout days or at times away from gym dosing. I am thinking about playing with the dose pre workout and keeping it there.

    Thoughts on this SNS? If few people here have used it and comments can't come from personal experience feel free to throw some scientific speculation into the mix.
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  2. Timing is one of the most critical aspects of taking arginine did you take it 30-60 minutes before workouts?

  3. Yep. Stick with that?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    Yep. Stick with that?
    Yeap but taking arginine before and after workouts will also boost *GH levels* at a time when those hormones can really enhance muscle growth and fat burning. Another important time to take arginine is first thing in the morning — this will raise GH and NO levels, so you can start your day in an anabolic state. Also take arginine about 30-60 minutes before bed — bumping up GH levels while you sleep can enhance recovery and muscle growth.

    * taken arginine in relation to GH release have largely been equivocal. First whatever you eat must be processed in the liver before it’s released into the blood. The liver contains high levels of the enzyme arginase, which degrades arginine.

    “because arginine is absorbed much better when your stomach is empty, you should take each dose no sooner than an hour after your last meal and no later than 30-60 minutes before your next one”

    Another problems too. you can’t take any other amino acids or protein with arginine, since free amino acids compete for uptake. the presence of other amino acids in the blood is enough to blunt GH release.(exept for leucine is a ketogenic AA) the same applies for fat and carbohydrate, as GH is best released when your blood glucose and blood fat are low.

    Arginine blocks somatostatin activity. (growth hormone-inhibiting hormone) and this increase levels of growth hormone

    Note: if you have a chance add SNS Huperzine-A to your Arginine E2 Matrix before training and (before bed you will got the MOST VIVID, INSANE and sometimes BIZARRE dreams of your life)

  5. and Arginine itself promotes insulin release

  6. What I am getting at is, for those people who have experimented with it, did they find the pre bed dose was effective enough to warrant using it or would it be more beneficial to treat the pre workout as a bolus dose and go above 4 capsules? Has anyone played with the dose and noticed greater benefits if they increased this dose acutely rather than bumping the total intake throughout the day?

    I wouldn't personally go for the morning dose as I train after breakfast so I would be double dosing in the space of about two hours.

    Why does it seem no SNS people have tried this supplement?
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  7. ive tried this product bro .. but at the same time i stacked it with Agmatine(Pump/mood purposes)

    what time you work out ? the bottle gives out good dosage .. but i went the other way since i was working out at night

    i did 3 caps when waking up (6AM) and other 3 caps around 45mins prior to working out (7PM)

    lets say if you are on the opposite schedule as me(workout in the morning) .. then i would do what the bottle states

    you should be feeling the NO effects esp during workouts ..and more vascular

  8. Thank you for the personal experience GQ. Did you try dosing higher or lower to see if you noticed anything different?

    I just wanted to see if anyone had any tricks up their sleeve as to the best way to get the most out of it other than empty stomach, pre training and pre bed doses. I am curious to know if effects would correlate with dose or if there would be little point.

    If there is no concrete answer I am happy to experiment on my own of course.
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  9. Agmatine =The E2=pumpsohmy!
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  10. Experiment on your own bro

    I like em at 8caps split 4-4

  11. I am on this product right now. Dosing 4caps in the morning and 4 caps pre bed on non workout days. And 4caps pre workout/ 4 caps pre bed on working out days. 4-4 split is where it's at
    I feel I have better sleep when dosing 4 caps pre bed.
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