Focus XT and bigger guys

  1. Focus XT and bigger guys

    For us bigger guys, would it be a good idea to throw in half a scoop of the upcomeing caffrein verion witht the current version, since our huge muscles may eat the choline and aminos more, or dose it not even work like that?

  2. Not really like that, but you could try it when the stim free version is out and see if it's any better or worthwhile as opposed to just 1 scoop.

  3. 1 scoop has worked pretty well for me so far (currently 227 lbs as of this morning). You can always play with dosages though and see what you like best.
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  4. depending on my day and need for the 'kick' - 1 scoop is good but occassionally I will do a scoop and a half for a little extra ooomph on days I am full on dragging azz
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