FOCUS XT very clumpy and appears almost damp

  1. FOCUS XT very clumpy and appears almost damp

    just wondering if this is how it's supposed to look. never seen a powder that appeared like this before, I swear it feels damp, like it was somewhere with high humidity or something, but it came from Texas to Vegas, both dry, so idk. is this right? the outer seal was fine and in-tact, the inner seal (white layer under the cap) was on, but wasnt stuck on there like most powders that i've dealt with in the past. With the Focus XT, I untwisted the cap, and the white seal underneath came right off.

    -havent tried it yet, but i prob will today, unless not advised.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  2. Some water must of got in due go humidity or something. It's safe don't worry
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  3. yeah that's what I was thinking. as long as u say its safe ill take ur word for it. hell, i wouldve taken it either way LOL... I was able to un-clump it, but its still obviously damp, even way down near the bottom of the tub.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  4. Its common for this to occur with some of the ingreds problem with it though so use and enjoy

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  5. Nootropics are hygroscopic by nature so don't worry, nothing is wrong with your Focus XT.

  6. Yup humidity will do that some ESP w the nootropics

    Trust me,100% good still

    Just like everyone said

  7. As others have said. That's just the problem with ordering powdered supps in the middle of the summer.


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