New SNS Sponsored Athlete Jessica Bowman!

  1. Thumbs up New SNS Sponsored Athlete Jessica Bowman!

    I would like to introduce to you SNS Sponsored Athlete Jessica Bowman!

    *Born in Pennsylvania.
    *Lives in Virgina
    *Personal Trainer
    *NPC National Level Figure Competitor
    *Personal Motto "Never give up, shoot for your dreams and only you can make it happen."
    *Completing Bachelor's Degree in Health Wellness
    *Planning Master's Degree in Nutrition
    *Proud Parent of a Beautiful Daughter
    *Hobbies Include: Visiting Wineries, Boating, Hiking and spending time with her Daughter.

    I'm Back...

  2. Welcome to SNS Jessica!
    I'm Back...

  3. OMG very nice
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  4. I wanted to welcome Jessica to the team. Very beautiful, and I have had the chance to speak with her on several occasions; extremely nice and dedicated individual.
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  5. Welcome to the team .. Bootay full

  6. Welcome to the SNS team!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  7. Looks like a win/win

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

    mw at seriousnutritionsolutions dot com
    mike at competitiveedgelabs dot com



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