Of Mind and Muscle - A review for Focus XT (Sponsored)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by OrganicShadow View Post
    Purebred: That would be a great pre-game drink. Kinda like FourLoko but it wont kill you.
    CC: Yeah man, youre gonna like it
    It was mindblowing - oh but I took two scoops
    Quote Originally Posted by ScienceGuided View Post
    throw in a cap or two of glucoronolactone and you have a much cheaper and MUCH better version of any energy/focus drink you can buy at a gas station or 7 11!!!
    That's true
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by OrganicShadow View Post

    1-2 scoops of Focus XT (I have blue raspberry)

    A can of seltzer - preferably a berry flavor
    A shaker cup
    The desire to "get in the zone"

    Add Focus XT to shaker cup
    Add sletzer

    Tastes ****ing awesome!!!! The lowest cost/sodium/carb/bull**** energy drink ever!!!!! Th carbonation helps make the powder more miscible so you really dont even need to mix it.
    Very interesting. I am going to have to play around with this some.
    I'm Back...

  3. Very interesting recipe. Going to have to give that a try.
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  4. OK, I know I've been slacking but here it is:

    Upon opening the first thing I noticed was the clumping of the bulk powder. This is most likely due to the nootropics (choline bitartrate and DMAE), or so I'm told. The clumping is easily broken up by a knife, hand, sledgehammer, etc. Still molds easily to a scoop and little worry of powder flying everywhere. The tub is about half full - but the weight its precise. I wouldn't dare think SNS to short me like that.

    MIXABILITY: 10/10
    Virtually no need to mix. Maybe a slight swirling if the clumps are bigger. Just add water, a quick 1-2 swirl and swig. Takes seconds to prepare. No foaming, clustering, or floaties. Leaves almost no residue in the cup.

    TASTE: 9/10
    One of the best tasting supplements I've ever tried. Now, I had blue raspberry so I can't quite say much for the other. Depending if you like stronger or lighter flavor you can add more or less water according to taste. I like mine to be more tart so I only added a couple ounces. Don't dilute it too far or it won't have much flavor. I would still really like to see Key Lime Pie... just sayin'.

    Plenty of choline here, the natural B vitamins that are the BEST for of energy. DMAE is in here just to double up the big B vitamin shot. You get a full load of it with just one scoop. 200mg caffeine is like Goldilocks - just right. Not too much to overdo it and plenty more than a cup of coffee or energy drink. Acetyl-L-carnitine has many benefits in transporting important nutrients so it's clear why they added it into the blend. I really like the way huperzine helps mental clarity and precision. I love vinpocetine when the music hits - blood vessels dilate, breathing becomes controlled, synergenic with huperzine to make a killer combo. In the future I would like to see a caffeine free version. This way I can still have a pre-workout supplement and still be "cycling off" stimulants. As stated before the B vitamins should suffice. I have my reservations about tyrosine as a "energy boost" or "nootropic." It just hasn't made me a believer yet.

    I guess I was hoping for a more physical "kick" or something to hit me and let me know I'm ready. Instead I find that it locks in with something of a trigger: music, first set, shock, etc. You can pretty much count on 20 minutes exactly and it's there. 30 if you just ate a decent meal. No jitters, no aprehensive ideologies, no crazed thinking or sporadic actions. You'll know when you're in the zone. Actually, I start dancing or swagging.

    Usually when i come home from a workout I just want to lounge around or take a nap. When I have Focus XT in the mix I find myself continuing to be productive immediately after my lift. Focus XT continues on for several hours. If you know you have a long day ahead maybe 2 scoops first thing in the morning will get your day to go flying. The high intensity of it can last for about 1-2 hours (depeding on the activity) but you'll still have the benefits for long after. You won't feel sluggish towards the end of a work shift. Last the whole workout. This is where a caffeine free version may be beneficial for those using it to study and sleep is on the agenda.

    TOLERANCE: 9/10
    It really comes down to your caffeine response. B vitamins will always have a substantial effect. Never did I have to bump up to 2 scoops to get an effect, only if I just wanted to. Unlike Jack3d which you start adding another scoop every following week.

    IN THE GYM: 8/10
    Throw on the iPod and pick your favorite song, then feel yourself lock into the sound as it controls the environment around you and your body syncs to the beat. You become somewhat separated from reality yet fully aware of its existence, yet you have your own little work-out world. I often become overly ambitious about the weights I choose - I have small man complex and I always wanna go a bit heavier than I should. Focus XT keeps me in check; I make smarter and more concious decision on rep range, weight, tempo, and movement. Not the most perfected mind-body connection but I do notice minute details. I'm also very social and it can cause distraction but I become more capable of managing conversation without interrupting my sets. Towards the end of the workout I find sometimes I become more focused on my fatigue and desire for food rather than the exercise. Cardio flies by, though. No problems grinding through it.

    AT WORK: 10/10
    Perfect for work. I clock in with an additional sense of optimism and mentality of doing a quality job. As a scientist who shuffles between all departments during the shift it's great in helping me prioritize and multi-task especially when it's real busy. I've tried other pre-workouts before a shift and it's great for an hour or two but then I start to crash and quickly change from feeling positive to frustrated and irritable. The work shift flies too. You may be inclined to do a few more little tasks: clean your desk, organize some files, preventative machine maintenance, etc. Hey! It kills time and you're in the zone, right?

    A NIGHT OUT: 7/10
    Let's say you're sober driver and can't really indulge on some treats that particular evening. Or maybe you're on diet where jack/coke is off the menu. Pre-game with Focus XT to have you're evening start up and still have some "enhancing effects." I've heard suggestions of stacking it with phenibuit or piracetam although I've never tried. It's on my to-do list. As for chasing tail: it's a dual-edge sword. I'm sharp on my A game but I'm also more atune to minor details which includes otherwise negligible turn-offs. So my success rate increases but my prospects slim.

    IN BED: 10/10

    I'll leave it at that.


    Buy this product. Now. And lots of it.

    I recommend Focus XT to EVERYONE. Regardless if you even go to the gym or not - it's so versatile you will certainly find a good use for it. As for the ingredients: here's nothing here that would lead me to believe someone would have any negative side-effects.

    This is my top ranked pre-workout thus far. With no jittery/apprehensive feelings and clear clean-cut mental energy this is my favorite for a number of reasons.
    And there's very minimal tolerance build-up! Always a plus.

    This product has VALUE. More caffeine, more goodies, less sodium, less carbs, cheaper, easier, tastier, effective than any energy drink or coffee. You can easily make your own energy drink with by adding seltzer water (preferably berry flavored). You may notice fizzing and some difficulty mixing because of the carbonation but when you find your technique it's all good. Add a little water, then add Focus XT, continue adding more water to taste. Bangin.

    I never got the chance to try this in a schooling sense. Will certainly do so when I get more and the school year starts

    Thanks a million to SNS for giving me this opportunity and a tip of the hat to you all. Serious Nutrition Solutions once again amazes me.

    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  5. Wow!...very thorough and detailed/professional review O.S, nicely done! Thank you very much. Very glad you enjoyed your time with/on it. 'In Bed' muhwhahah!
    ...caff free version, just around the corner...fyi...

  6. ocean spray makes this new carbonated cranberry drink in a can. I mixed one can of this ocean spray drink and 1 scoop of berry collision Focus XT.....not bad at all! needed it big time!!

    really glad that you enjoyed the focusXT!
    online rep

  7. Very detailed and involved review. I like how you branched out and addressed multiple areas. Don't worry about the Caffeine free Focus XT version...it's coming VERY soon! It definitely doesn't "kick" like the stim heavy pre's but it provides lasting effects without any crash and has the added mental boost aspect that I love as well.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Bry17 View Post

    hardcore bro. this log's gonna be good.
    ^see, what did i tell ya? Awesome log. Extremely detailed. Thumbs up!

  9. Glad to make a positive contribution. For now I'm gonna take a little time off from pre-workouts to rest but if you see an order for 10 tubs... you know where it's going lol.

    Anyway, thanks again SNS. This was my first sponsored log and I'm happy to see you've enjoyed it. I hope this log gets out to a few others as a solid testimonial.
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  10. glad to hear it my friend! hope you get to put those tubs to many uses!

    thanks again!! appreciate it!!
    online rep

  11. Happy you liked the product! And props on the awesome review bruther!
    SNS - Serious Nutrition Solutions
    My advice is exclusively my own and may not correspond with the views of SNS
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  12. Very nice review. Thank you for the effort you put into it.

    I am happy to hear you enjoyed your time with SNS Focus XT. It truly is a wonderful product and I am glad you agree.
    I'm Back...

  13. Thank you for the excellent detailed review.
    SNS and Competitive Edge Labs Black Friday Sales:


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