SNS FocusXT- 2 for $29- Limited time offer!!

  1. SNS FocusXT- 2 for $29- Limited time offer!!

    Looking to add some Focus to your life???
    Well we have a deal for YOU!!

    Focus XT Promotion Pack | SNS - Serious Nutrition Solutions

    Get 2 Focus XT for LESS THAN the Price of One!
    For a Limited Time Only Get 2 Bottles of Focus XT for $29.99! Hurry Up While Supplies Last!
    Today you can grab 2 bottles of Focus XT for just $29.99! A single bottle on our site usually sells for $39.95, so this is quite possibly the "can't miss" deal of the year! And not only are you saving almost $50, but you're also...literally...getting 2 Focus XT for LESS THAN the price of one! Sweet deal, huh?!

    Speaking of sweet, this limited-time-only special offer is good towards refreshing Pink Lemonade and thirst-quenching Blue Raspberry flavors. And yes, you can mix and match your flavors too.

    So what's the catch, you ask? Demand for these two flavors was insane and we admittedly got a little over zealous during production. And, we produced so much that a small number of bottles expired in April 2011.

    So this offer is only good for those expired bottles, which we guarantee to be fresh for up to one year after their expiration date. Otherwise we wouldn't be selling them!

    So hurry up and act now! To learn more about Focus XT and its amazing benefits, check out the product write up below.

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    Mental Focus, Clarity, Concentration, Improved Performance, & More*
    Sugar Free & Great Tasting
    Focus XT is a state of the art formula that combines precise ratios of active ingredients in order to deliver optimal results. It is a truly unique product that that delivers a wide variety of benefits in terms of mental focus, clarity, and improved performance and cognitive function.

    Focus XT can be used by individuals for a variety of purposes, whether it be by individuals trying to improve their workout and athletic performance, by students wanting to enhance focus, concentration, and productivity at school, by individuals whose jobs require optimal mental performance, or others who feel that they may benefit from the variety of benefits that Focus XT is used for.

    Focus XT Summary of Benefits:
    Improved Mental Focus, Concentration, Clarity, and Alertness
    Improved Mental Performance, Memory, & Cognitive Function
    Maximized Energy Levels
    Improved Stress Levels
    Improved Athletic Endurance, Drive, and Motivation
    Improved Ability to Train More Intensely for Longer Periods of Time
    Improved Sense of Well Being
    Pre-Workout or Pre-Athletic Energy and Focus
    Improved Mind-Muscle Connection
    Combating Overtraining Syndrome
    Increased Fat Burning During Exercise
    A note about Focus XT's formulation:
    Each ingredient is used at a specific dosage for a specific reason. This is not a 'Little bit of everything, not enough of anything' type product. Although Focus XT contains a wide variety of benefits and uses, it was formulated with one goal in mind to deliver real results.

    Who can benefit from Focus XT:
    Focus XT can be beneficial for anyone that needs improved optimal mental performance as part of their job, sport, hobby, schooling, or just in their day to day life. We have had positive feedback from athletes, students, gamers, teachers, nurses, pilots, and more.

    Another Important Note:
    Focus XT users generally do not report any of the nervousness, jitters, or 'crash' feelings that are commonly associated with many other energy products on the market. The energy from Focus XT is normally described as a very 'Clean & Smooth' feeling.

    Something to Think About:
    You feel tired and unmotivated, your thought process is not clear. Any activity that requires concentration and focus is the last thing you want to do whether it is a workout, your job, class, or a big test. You know the feeling. It can be a vicious cycle. It's not an answer, it's not a cure all, but help has arrived, and help has a name, Focus XT.

    Flavors: Blue Raspberry or Pink Lemonade...option to mix n match!

    Focus XT Promotion Pack | SNS - Serious Nutrition Solutions

  2. Bumping this excellent deal to the top so everyone can take advantage!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions
    Revolutionizing Sports Nutrition, One Product At A Time
    antihero [@]

  3. Bang! wow sweet deal!

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