Quick Inhibit-E Question

  1. Quick Inhibit-E Question

    I am 18 and would like to run inhibit-e 1 pill a day for about 4 weeks. is one every morning substantial? Or should I take 2 a day? I weigh 180 lbs.

  2. Not sure why you need Inhibit-E, but I dose one cap. Two caps diminished my libido.

  3. What are your goals if I may ask?

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  4. Two caps crushed my libido big time too. Rarely take that stuff anymore. 1 cap should be good to satrt at least, see where you're at.
    Still not banned.

  5. 2 caps was fine for me. I would start out at 1, then go to 2 and see how it affects you.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ConcreteConny View Post
    What are your goals if I may ask?

    Pls answer the question above.

  7. inhibit-e is strong stuff,just start at 1 cap and go from there.
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