Phenibut XT

  1. Phenibut XT

    I'm currently in between jobs with no health insurance and ran out of Xanax. I had a panic attack this morning at Costco and need something to help with anxiety. Can I take Phenibut XT (500mg) as a replacement for benzos? How many capsules would be safe and can I take one in the morning, before work?


  2. Well I wouldn't recommend taking Phenibut XT on a daily basis because of tolerance, not to mention trying to replace a script with an OTC...

    That being said, people tend to take 1-3 caps. I personally take 1 when looking to relax.
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  3. Yeah would not try to replace a Rx with anything OTC

    but look into PEA too.
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  4. Yeah..PEA is what triggered those panic attacks. I OD'd on it several times and it wasn't pleasant..lucky to be alive.

  5. XT works wonders for me, using it for its anti-anxiety properties. Taking it daily will only lead to a quick tolerance for it. I dose it every other day, three days a week.

    I dose it 5g (9 caps) divided about 2hrs apart. NOT recommended for most. You should start out with a small dose, and assess from there.

    Are panic attacks common with you, an underlying issue? Or are you having high anxiety do to being out of work, and daily stressors?

    Also, you might look into Theanine. Another favorite of mine.



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