Wich is the best anti-estrogen?!

  1. Wich is the best anti-estrogen?!

    Hey Everyone!

    SO......i already used some PH's (h-drol, m-drol, MD1T). I'm on PCT now from a cycle with D-plex+11-Sterone!

    I'll run soon a cycle with H-drol + X-tren, but i need a very very good anti-estrogen during cycle to don't get bloat, fat and tits hehehe.

    Wich is the best anti-estrogen that i can use during cycle?!

    *My current pct is being:
    PCT ASSIST (cel)
    Humano Growth

    Thanks Brow

    *( My english is a trash man....i'm sorry....i'm Brazilian uhauhauauha)

  2. Your English isn't bad at all.

    Formestane is commonly used on-cycle to keep estrogen down.

  3. I swear you just had an onslaught of people telling you not to use an anti-estrogen on most cycles...

  4. ''Your English isn't bad''.........i'm so glad to hear this my brother Haahuauhh

    So, i probaly will run a cycle with testosterone propionate + nandrolone decanoate + TREN by P.P............i need a anti-estrogen during cycle....maybe i run Anastrozol.
    And on PCT will bem Formestane + tamoxifen......
    What do you think?

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