Inhibit-E dosing times

  1. Inhibit-E dosing times

    So i'm using Inhibit-E as part of a pct right now, i'm at the time to lower it to 1 cap, i had run it at 3 caps, 1 morning and 2 at night, then 2 caps 1 morning and 1 night....but with 1 cap is it better for night or day, i figured at night when test is lower but if anyone has any different info, i also figured in the morning when test is highest that it could turn to estro easier so it makes sense in the morning as well

  2. at night before bed when estrogen is highest. u ran epi BTW correct? how were teh gains?

  3. yeah i ran epi, strength gains were non existent, i gained about 4 lbs total on cycle, since then i'm about a week and a half to go in pct, and i'm up 8 lbs total

  4. how did u dose it and how many calories were you eating? whats ur maintenance calorie level?

  5. 10 the first day, 20 the next 2 days, 30 the rest of the way and 40 the last 3 days, i was getting as close as possible to 2900 calories, i just took my weight and times it by 20...i was taking in about 240-250 g's protein per day...sometimes more, a few days less

  6. it was lack of cals IMO. Im 5 ft 7 and 141lbs so ur just a bit heavier than me and i eat 3500 cals per day no matter what. I weigh out every single meal, cook in advance and have meal plans laid out 2 days beforehand. trust me it helps

  7. take it at night


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