750mg sustanon + Inhibit E

  1. 750mg sustanon + Inhibit E

    Would a rep or experienced ATD user care to suggest an inhibit E dosage protocol for use alongside a 12 week 750mg - 875mg/wk sustanon cycle? I can only find Inhibit E feedback for OTC oral cycles, 90% of which are PCT related, which doesn't really help with my planned usage, etc. I'm very estrogen sensitive, not gyno prone but I tend to pack on an uncommon amount of water bloat compared to most people, to the point where it may be a health concern. That said, I'd also not like to kill my libido through lack of estrogen, so I need to strike an appropriate balance with the dosage.

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  3. I really cant help you on this one man. I have never heard of someone running ATD during a cycle. I mean I understand the concept, but i have only seen people run formestane or presciption AIs on cycle...

    Also libido issues are very user dependent with ATD. Some people lose their libido at 25mg/day and others have incrased libido at 75mg/day
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  4. Id keep the inhibit for PH/DS cycles.

    for AAS Id use a script AI
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  5. 100mg formex + 10mg nolva ED on cycle or arimidex + nolva. If the latter, titrate up the adex till you find the sweet spot.
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