Inhibit-E in your body system

  1. Inhibit-E in your body system

    Im a college athlete subject to frequent testing (for which its compound was recently banned) and i was going to take inhibit as part of pct. Does anyone know roughly how long it stays in your system? thanks

  2. Back in 2008 two MLS players tested positive for Boldenone after taking an over the counter ATD. There is no question that taking ATD (Inhibit-E or Novedex XT included) will yield a positive drug test. ATD contains a common metabolite with Boldenone. (THIS DOES NOT MEAN IT IS BOLDENONE!)
    With that being said Boldenenone can be detected up to 5 months...does this mean it's the same for Inhibit-E? The answer is PROBABLY NOT. Compounds provided in non-esterified form don't tend to stay in the system as long as esterified forms. However, I can't say for a fact that the detection time might not be long. The body itself esterifies some steroids to the extremely long-acting stearate ester. So if that were to happen to a significant extent with boldenone and if the analytical technique is extremely sensitive for boldenone, as it might well be, it couldn't be ruled out in principle.

    Back to your my opinion 30-60 days. But hey, that's just my guess.

  3. thanks for the info

  4. Since I'm sensitive to ATD and if the presence of it's metabolites is proportional to the side effects of low to no-estrogen existence, from my experience it lasts up to 3 or 4 weeks maximum. But I don't know if it applies to all metabolites, in special the one that's common to boldenone.

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