Is it safe to take TTA for a long period of time?

  1. Question Is it safe to take TTA for a long period of time?

    Is TTA supposed to be cycled? If so, what is the recommended cycle length and time off?

    I've been using SNS TTA for about 8 weeks now and wonder when I should stop.

  2. I would take atleast a 2 week break after 8 weeks of continuous use. I'm not sure you really have to, but I cycle everything just so my body doesn't build up a tolerance.

  3. if you dont get an answer here, ask as well in the RPN forum. dsade uses TTA in DCP as well, and he is a wealth of knowledge on it.

  4. Thanks, I'll try the RPN section.

  5. It's not metabolized by one's body; so I doubt it's safe to consume for extended periods. But Dsade would know for sure



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