Dad's a diabetic (type II - non-insulin dependent) and was just prescribed Avandia (PPAR-modulator) as the Glucophage is no longer effective. He also has hypertension (under control from ACE inhibitor).

His diet is decent for an older guy (65) grilled by me about the need to eat right.

I do not want him to take the Avandia as I have read the stories about water weight gain and given his blood pressure issues, not a good idea.

Would Sesamin (PPAR) be a decent replacement without the water cardiac edema risk?

He is already on 10 caps of Fish oil a day and on a medium protein, medium healthy fats and lower carb diet. 40 P/40 F/20 C if I were to guess. His liver enzymes have been elevated before form certain drugs so liver friendly is key here.