1. Vasocharge!

    NP include some samples of Vasocharge with my last order(thanks NP!)and I tried 2 packs this morning. Damn! This stuff rocks! I got an initial tingly flush,similar to a niacin flush for about 20 minutes from the beta alanine which was a little uncomfortable,but the workout was amazing. Clear,focused energy,great pumps,strength,despite not feeling too motivated to begin with. I had to force myself to stop! The lemonade taste is great too. I have tried just about every pre-workout drink on the market,but Vasocharge is my new favorite. Will definitely be getting some on my next order.

  2. yeah, it is one of my favorite products too. It's fast becomming one of those essential training supplements for me.

  3. I've used Vasocharge for every workout since it hit the market almost a year ago. I'll never train without it. I think the berry tastes AMAZING.

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