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  1. Best xtend Flavor

    So i am thinking about ordering getting some xtend, but not sure what flavor to go with. I doubt begging for samples would get me anywhere so i just want to know what other people think is the best.
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  2. lemon.. hands down 100%

  3. I'm a HUGE fan of the new grape & apple!

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Sporto View Post
    I'm a HUGE fan of the new grape & apple!

    Same here

  5. I have to go with watermelon. Im sure it will change when I try the apple.

  6. Gah I voted watermelon but meant to vote lemonade.

  7. Only tried the grape and watermelon...out of those two I'd have to say watermelon.

  8. word around town is they are about to come out with and orange flavor, which imo will mostly likely by my choice, but i appreciate everyone's input
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  9. Apple, but Orange is reported to tasted even BETTER.

  10. yeah everyone seems to be falling in love with the new orange flavor.

    I was wondering why they were giving it away when you bought two tubs of the other stuff, i may have to give it a shot.

  11. I've only tried watermelon, however I just ordered the Xtend deal from NP and getting lemonade, grape, and orange. I will try them all as soon as they arrive and will cast my vote. I will not try the apple until scivation removes the exclusive for BB.com and NP starts carrying it.

  12. I've been drinking the grape flavored Xtend for 3 days now and I like it. I think I'll try the orange flavor today.

  13. i have watermelon and havent tried the others yet. but watermelon tastes great

  14. Can I change my vote to Orange

  15. Left out the Orange?!

  16. Ok, I really like the watermelon and grape flavors. The grape flavor grew on me, at first I thouth it was kind of nasty, but I really like it now.
    I started with orange a couple of days ago, the flavor is not as strong as watermelon or grape, and I don't like it as much yet... I'll probably use orange on days when I don't feel like a lot of flavor.
    I'll break open the lemonade tub sometime next week, then last but not least apple - NP is now carrying the apple flavor so I had to order some

  17. I really did not like the orange flavor as much so I gave my tub away.

  18. Orange!

  19. DEFINITELY orange!!!

  20. ALL of them! But I have to say Apple is amazing!
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  21. Try asking Marc for a sample. If you haven't tried it yet, then you he might do that for you. He sent me a small tub of the grape. It tastes amazing. Think grape Kool-Aid, but without the sugar and with BCAA's. I've heard the watermelon, lemonade, and orange are also very good. I haven't heard too much about the apple.

  22. Makes me think... I'd do myself a fruit punch with all the flavours

  23. Watermelon !! I whould drink it 24/7 LOL

  24. I like watermelon and lemon about the same, both good. I have a jug of apple I have yet to open, so I will report back down the road.

  25. I think I'll order a few orange tubs.

  26. I've been drinking grape and watermelon for a while now. I need to open the lemonade tub today and give it a try. Apple arrived during the week, maybe I'll try that tomorrow.

    Orange was definitely not for me, but I'm glad you guys like it. It is great to have variety to choose from.

  27. Lemonade is ok, I'm going to give it a few more days before I decide if I like it or not.
    Watermelon and Grape are my favorites, with Watermelon my #1.
    Orange was not for me.
    Will try Apple at the end of the week.

  28. The new grape is my favorite.

  29. i'm currently in love with APPLE!!

  30. Giving apple a try starting today.

    Watermelon and grape I like. Orange and lemonade not so much.

  31. Apple is awesome! Having a hard time deciding between watermelon and apple as my favorite...
    1. Apple an watermelon
    2. Grape
    3. Lemonade
    4. Orange

  32. 1. Watermelon
    2. Orange
    3. Apple
    4. Lemonade
    5. Grape

    All are good, but Watermelon is mild enough to drink all the time. Lemonade requires mixing with bulk BCAA, thats some strong stuff. This could all change though. At first I thought Lemonade was horrendous and that Grape was really good, but over time they switched. Plus I'm drinking Apple right now and it might be better than Orange? The sh*t is all really good, that I do know.

  33. I've only tried Watermelon and Grape. I couldn't stand grape, but I've been through my fair share of Watermelon. Its the bomb! I think I'm gonna try apple next.

  34. grape all the way

  35. I only voted grape because orange wasn't listed. Orange tastes just like tang.
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  36. tried both watermelon and apple and like them both.

    IMO Apple has a more sour taste and will make your mouth pucker more than watermelon.

    Like others have posted, watermelon tastes amazing and is a little less sour - maybe a "sweeter" taste.

    Don't get me wrong - apple is not too sour - just posting to let you all know that the apple flavor tastes a bit more sour to me than the watermelon.

    Can't go wrong with either flavor!

  37. I believe my next order is going to be apple and watermelon.
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  38. Which of the flavors has the strongest taste?

  39. I think grape is fairly sweet.
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  40. I think i might try it....


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