is HERE!

  1. is HERE!

    Check it out--Layne Norton's OFFICIAL website!

    BioLayne -

  2. Nice set on front squats, nice site, nice bio.... nice.

  3. Very Nice, great site....
    Can't believe everyone is not shouting about the little Sesamin special on the site, VERY Very nice!!!!


  4. We will have to upload more of Layne's lifting videos :dl:

  5. thanks guys, marc & tony did a great job on the site. thanks for checking it out

  6. holy **** that first page with the reverse hammy curls please let me know ur secret to doing those.

    no **** if i can do one id be great ful. I can stiff leg dl all day long but those i cant get but now i want to

    i have to Deployed blogging


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