Scivation/Primaforce appearel?

  1. Scivation/Primaforce appearel?

    Yo, make some kick ass t-shirts I can wear to the gym!!!! You guys have a rockin logo. .....Please?

  2. They have good thirts, I got three from Quincy Taylor at the Jr. Nationals! I workout at Bally's and people ask what does substance wpi do, or what is scivation, are they like with xyience or something. Of course I then tell them about xtend, and how great it is !!!

  3. Every expo we have every done we always have people coming up and asking where they can get our outfits. Eventually we'll do it I would think.

  4. For the Arnold Classic?

  5. We are not a clothing company, but we have some cool looking gear!



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