The Sky is Falling!! Who will save the Freaks of Finaflex!??!?!?!

  1. The Sky is Falling!! Who will save the Freaks of Finaflex!??!?!?!

    With all of Finaflex's ground breaking supplements hitting the market place we are in need of some BIG TIME assistance!
    So who is more FREAKY then a guy who enjoys jumping out of airplanes at 24,000 feet? NOBODY!
    So Without further ado I would like to introduce our newest Freak..........

    Between the much anticipated Pre-Workout Stimul8 and our new combo pack dubbed "Revolution Test Stack" hitting the market we are in need of your Kamakazi sky diving skills!
    Welcome aboard brother! Now lets get FREAKY!

    Use code Montego15 for 15% off at

  2. welcome aboard iparatroop, we are pleased to have you on the team!

  3. Finaflex is getting bigger, better and stronger every day!!!!

    Welcome to the FREAK show bro.


  4. Congrats!
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  5. Welcome aboard and you will see why I am always saying ... "it's good to be a Freak"
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  6. Awesome Para is a great catch! Loved the creative intro Monte!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by MrKleen73 View Post
    Loved the creative intro Monte!
    never seen anything quite like it
    dude wins creativity of the year award

  8. Great intro congrats paratroop! As if I didn't see this coming


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