FinaFlex Revolution PCT Black

  1. FinaFlex Revolution PCT Black

    I've been reading its ingredients and I noticed that in one cap of this has 50mg of Arimistane! That's double Erase's serving in one cap! I was just wondering if you guys think Revolution would be a good PCT for a stand alone H Drol cycle for 5 weeks. I was planning to run 4 caps/night for PCT for an H Drol cycle that I am preparing for summer,will this suffice or is a SERM necessary? And I know where to get a SERM,how to dose it etc,Ive been doing research but Ive read that those research chemicals come with nasty side effects. Im also planning to take DAA+ the usual supplements of PCT but without a serm. So hopefully,you guys can answer this and thanks for the help!

  2. 4 caps of PCT Revolution yields 200 mg of Arimistane; I don't know if you've used Erase and experienced what it does to some folks' joints, but I think 200 mg would have me laid up unable to move. I recommend not more than two caps, but every body is different. As for whether or not to use a SERM, my own experience with Halodrol leads me to think you'll be fine without one as long as the rest of your PCT is in order, but don't blame me on the off chance something goes wrong. Probably keep one on hand just in case. As for the sides, they're really no worse than the sides of the anabolic itself.

  3. No more that 2 caps and it should be ok for a halodrol clone.
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  4. Yeah I would think the same thing with an halodrol clone with reasonable doing you should be fine. If you are taking the dose up to 125mg or more per day then you may want to think about alternatives.
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  5. Agree with these guys. Pct rev is great stuff but if you're dosing super high with the halo you're gonna want to include something stronger along with pct rev
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  6. Thanks for the help guys! Really appreciate it!


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