Get PUMPED To the MAX!

  1. Get PUMPED To the MAX!

    Finaflex NEW Max Pump: Maximum Output Vasodilation Exaggerater!

    Key Highlights:

    • Increase Blood Flow to Muscles!
    • Powered by Betaine Nitrate!
    • Maximum Vasodilation!
    • Reduce Muscle Fatigue!
    • Enhance Performance!

    FINAFLEX® introduces MAX PUMP™ the ultimate Sport Performance product that increases endurance and delivers superior muscle pumps! MAX PUMP™ is powered by Betaine Nitrate (trimethylgycine NO3) a novel ingredient that combines two supremely popular compounds which help to increase exercise performance and deliver maximum vasodilation. MAX PUMP™ serves as a dual purpose Sport Performance product allowing users to perform better, stronger, and faster during their workouts while providing dominating muscle pumps.

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    BETAINE – Nature’s Superfood

    Betaine (trimethylglycine) is a naturally occurring ingredient found in various foods including sugar beets, spinach, seafood, and others. Betaine is well known for lowering homocysteine levels in the human body via transmethylation. Betaine’s role as a methyl donor plays a crucial role in the methionine cycle (see diagram below). Elevated levels of homocysteine levels can lead to multiple health risks including cardiovascular disease. Other benefits of betaine include digestive health, cell production and hydration, liver and heart health, and most importantly increases exercise performance.

    BETAINE – An Athlete’s Superfood

    So why does MAX PUMP™ contain a novel form of Betaine? In recent years, there have been more and more research studies on Betaine and how it relates to exercise performance. These studies have produced some amazing results proving how Betaine can benefit competitive athletes at any level of ability.
    Betaine supplementation increases power, force and maintenance. This study measured performance on bench, squat, and jumping. (1)
    Betaine supplementation improves muscle endurance of squat exercise and increased the quality of repetitions performed. (2)
    Betaine supplementation reduces muscle fatigue (3)
    The decrease in StO2 (muscle tissue oxygen saturation) during the bench press protocol was greater with Betaine vs. placebo (p = 0.01), possibly suggesting enhanced muscle oxygen consumption. (4)
    Betaine (vs. placebo) supplementation enhanced both the anabolic endocrine profile and the corresponding anabolic signaling environment, suggesting increased protein synthesis. This study showed that Betaine supplementation increased GH, IGF-1, but decreased cortisol levels. (5)
    Betaine supplementation possess lipotropic effects by promoting the oxidation of lipids. (6)
    Betaine provides RESULTS!
    NITRATES – Unmatched Vasodilation

    Nitrates have been clinically proven to increase vasodilation through nitric oxide by simply releasing a nitrite (NO2) or nitrate (NO3). This process is known as the nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway (Lundberg). Simply put, this process allows your body to use oxygen more effectively and efficiently.
    Recent studies on Nitrate consumption and exercise performance illustrate some incredible findings.
    Nitrate supplementation improves aerobic exercise. In one study it shows that nitrate supplementation reduced VO2 (pulmonary oxygen uptake) during submaximal exercise and improved time-trial performance in trained cyclists. (7)
    Nitrate supplementation indicates that muscle efficiency is enhanced either as a consequence of a reduced energy cost of contraction or enhanced mitochondrial efficiency. (8)
    Nitrate supplementation improves vascular control and elevates skeletal muscle O(2) delivery during exercise predominantly in fast-twitch type II muscles, and provide a potential mechanism by which NO(3)(-) supplementation improves metabolic control. (9)

    Nitrates increase the flow of blood to muscles in the body. Increased blood flow is important for not only muscle growth but also for muscle repair. Increased blood flow also allows for users to feel “the pump” while training site specific muscles.
    Check Out what Beta-Testers Have to Say About MAX PUMP:

    • Max Pump has officially arrived in the pump department. I have been filling out all morning and this is with zero carbs to speak of.” - AZMIDLYF
    • Smashed out extra pull up's (wide grip) and ended up with swollen arms.” – runner_79
    • Straight wrecked the gym today with back and bis. Endurance was definitely up for this session more so then last week without max pump. The pump crept up on me after deadlifts. I didn't do goodmotnings for this reason. I swelled up like a balloon.” – AIRBORNE42
    • …45 minutes since I ended my workout. The skin flush is now all over the upper body and I'm pumped! Holy Mackerel this stuff is tingling in the neck and back area.” - kenpoengineer

    Get PUMPED to the MAX with MAX PUMP™ by FINAFLEX®.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

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    Inside joke between this cool new guy and me !!

    Nice write up!!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

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    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.
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    ...ehem..."You wouldn't kill a messenger would you? This is madness..." -"Madness...? This is SPART-AM!"

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    Inside joke between this cool new guy and me !!

    Nice write up!!
    Hahahaha nice!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

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