Opinions on my stack.

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    Opinions on my stack.

    I have a bottle of 1-alpha (will be taking 2 caps a day) cycle assist and milk thistle for during my cycle.
    My pct will be pct revolution black pure test and i have creatrona.
    Will this be enough for this cycle as for as pct goes or would it be better to take either pct rev. Black or pure test on cycle also if so which one i was thinking pure test so i can jeep my natural production of testosterone as high as possible to prevent libido. And when should i take milk thistle and cycle assist from my ph?

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    In all honestly you don't need the milk thistle, 1-Alpha is not liver toxic. At the dose you are taking it although you will see some gains, it will be very mild on your system so not even 100% sure there is a need for the Cycle Support. If you take it you can take it exactly as directed since the liver stuff in it will not have a negative effect on the PH like it does with a methylated product.

    Your PCT sounds very good for the dose you are taking of 1-Alpha. Will definitely be sufficient.
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