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    I already have 1 550 xd, 1 pct revolution, 1 pure test

    looking to add something else. which would have the best results for a recomp:

    2 bottles of 550 xd
    1 bottle of 550 xd and 1 bottle of epi-v

    also for 550 xd is there a noticeable difference btwn. dosing 3 pills per day and 4 per day?


  2. sorry, don't know how i missed this one bud

    tbh - you can use many differnt combinations for a recomp..

    1-andro + 550XD
    1-alpha + 550XD (if more exerienced and wanting slightly stronger than 1-andro)
    you can then bridge these into epiV (depending oon where your bf% levels are - if too high then prolly wouldn't advise)
    and then into pct, with PCT Black + Pure Test combo

    really depends on your experience level and preference, and results (as always) will be greatly determined by both your dietary choices and training

    is there a difference between 3/4 caps of 550XD/day? sure
    huge? wouldn't say that

    feel free to ask further questions if needed, and thank you for your patience

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