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    Okay you will probably not help recovery there but probably wont hinder it much either. In that situation the benefit outweighs the slight hindrance to recovery.
    I'm not gonna lie I am slightly concerned about it effecting recovery but am willing to do what it takes to maintain gains. When I finish pct I'll get bloods done and will know for sure how it played out then.
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  2. PCT Day 1: Cardio/Core
    Weight 199.5
    - 7 min backward treadmill walk
    - 10min HIIT (0:30 sprint 0:30 walk) on elliptical
    1- weighted crunch- 20@30, 14@30, 10@30
    2- cable chop- 10@40, 10@40, 10@40
    3- hanging knee raise- 10, 10, 10
    - 8 min HIIT (1:00 fast 1:00 slow) on stairmaster
    1- Plank- 1:00x3
    2- L Plank- 0:30x3
    3- R Plank- 0:30x3

    This is day one of PCT. Took my liquid tamox this morning at 40mg. Holy hell that shyt tastes terrible. The first dropper I was like, oh not so bad kinda like black liquorice, then the second dropper I was like, fuk me this tastes like gasoline! Left a bad taste in my mouth for a few hours. Then I took my 10mg osta and 3g Pure Test. Took half a pro xanthine around 2pm cuz I had the Sunday sluggishness. That gave me a good buzz and carried me thru my cardio/core day which I finished at 5:30pm.

    So far so good!
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    Follow along peeps
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