Finaflex 1 Andro + 550 XD questions

  1. Finaflex 1 Andro + 550 XD questions

    Hey guys this is my first post here. I have some questions about my first PH cycle but first I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 6'2 237 lbs 28 years old and I've been on a good 8 month bulk just trying to put on some clean mass. Since highschool I've gone on and off phases of working out for 6 months to a year, and then it always dies off when ever life starts to get busy. I quit smoking a year ago November 1st, and with that came about 25 lbs of fat. What a metabolism change ! I've came close to turning all that unwanted mass into muscle and I want to end this year with one last push for size before I start cutting after the holidays.

    That's where Finaflex and PH's come into place ! I chose Finaflex products because they seem to be a reputable company with a product that has some what mild (realistic) results and side effects. Most importantly the reps on this site seem extremely willing to help and offer advice which has sold me on my decision. I'm looking to do a 6 week cycle but I'm not entirely sure what to run for doses. My body is familiar with DAA, Trib, DIM, Creatine, etc. With my size, should I run 3 andro ed the entire 6 weeks and at the begining of week 3 start 550 at 2 ed OR run 4 Andro ED for 4 weeks, and start week 3 with 3 550s a Day ? Any advice here would be greatly appreciated !

    I ordered enough so myself and 3 of my friends all have 1 bottle of each to start with, but depending on your dosage recommendation it looks like I have to order another bottle of each for all of us. The last week of 550 I'll start taking Finaflex Revolution PCT, Finaflex Pure Test, and somewhere towards the end of my cycle I'll get back on Creatine as well.

  2. 550 is a good choice for the recomp effect but you have to make sure your diet and trainiing are very well organized ... 2 ed is good for a beginner with ph's
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