ignite my endurance

  1. ignite my endurance


    A big thanks to Doug and Al from Finaflex for letting me log the new and improved non-dmaa version of ignite 2, Berry Blast.

    I will reserved for a write up tonight and will post my workouts, my current supplement scheme, my plans, expectations along with my day to day feelings and use of the product.

    If it is anthing like the dmaa version without the jitters or some-what crash from the 1,3....WELL, we are gonna have a damn winner on our hands here.

    the general feel with the other current loggers is very positive.

    I have had my first try today before strongman conditioning for Cricket...smashed it.
    TASTE: 10/10
    MIXABILITY: 10/10
    ENERGY: 10/10
    MOOD: bubbly, aggressive at training (which is what we want)
    PUMP: now this is tricky because I don't train for pump, but for strength but my arms were pretty damn veiny doing sled pushes and when I was getting changed.

    I still have the veins popping now which is pretty damn slick.

    Very Solid profile for this pre-workout and im glad the new addition has provided me with such a better flow of energy which is sustained + NO CRASH


    thanks again FINAFLEX.

    Lets get this party fuggin rockin

    PICS to come:
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by MrMarc
    Thx bro...
    It's some good stuff
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  3. I subbed to this log I thought is there another copy somewhere, anywho good first day..
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  4. Subbed!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by BoneDaddy
    Hit up my other one bro.

    This one wasn't working
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  6. In my brotha...Ignite 2 is INSANE!!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TurningGreen
    In my brotha...Ignite 2 is INSANE!!
    U aren't wrong green.
    Honored to have you in my log
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