PCT Cycle- Finaflex 550xd(off It only after 4 days)

  1. PCT Cycle- Finaflex 550xd(off It only after 4 days)

    Hi Guys,

    I was at my supl store a few days ago and made a rash purchase of some finaflex 550xd. Once I got home and read the reviews I decided to proceed to take the fina. I'm now 4 days in and a friend has been looking into them and put me onto a site with nothing but bad reviews, claiming low quality gains, a loss of 3/4 when u come off, extreme stress on your liver due to the SuperDrol etc etc.
    I've been taking the recommended dose of 1 pill in the morn, 1 in the evening, and the last one I took was last nights (skipped this morning)

    Now my question is, was I on it long enough to require a PCT? As I obviously want everything working correctly and to keep my test levels at the norm so I don't lose any size.

    Secondly, of a PCT is required, will an OCT PCT be enough?

    I was thinking of just running d-aspartic acid to help boost natural test levels seeing as I wasn't taking them for to long, or has the damage been done to require a PCT.

    Any helps appreciated guys.

  2. you found superdrol based 550 at a supp store, lucky son-of-a.....
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  3. Please guys I really need some feedback today sometime.


  4. Quote Originally Posted by pala001
    Please guys I really need some feedback today sometime.

    Woah bud. This sounds all wrong. First 550-XD is one of the safest un-methylated PHs on the market. Side effects should be slim to none. Also it has a built in estrogen blocker and liver protection. Using only 2 caps a day should render solid gains or even a re-comp effect. I did a 3 bottle cycle using 4 caps a day a while back with no issues what so ever. My gains were tremendous gaining about 3 pounds and losing about 8% body fat. It is essential when using PHs that your nutrition and training is in point as well as avoiding alcohol at all costs. These supplements are not for rookies, there are serious consequences for people who don't use PHs properly. As for going in PCT after four days...I'd say you won't have to worry about that. Also a SERM is not necessary for 550-XD but I always recommend having one on hand just incase.

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