1-Andro Lethargy?

  1. 1-Andro Lethargy?

    Most of the 1-andro products out there are well known for causing lethargy. This was the reason they took it out of the original Andromass.

    What is the general consensus on this? Is it a common side for 1-andro?

    Maybe it'll just need a little dermacrine

  2. Bumpalump^^

  3. definitely common, maybe add dermacrine and 4dhea

  4. It's usually only an issue if you exceed the recommended dosage. It really is dose dependent.... Good luck! I'm currently running alpha mass / Dermacrine and loving it!

  5. The specific cycle would be

    Androlean: 3-10
    Dermacrine: 1-8
    1-andro: 1-5(2,2,4,4,4)

    This could change though. I really don't want lethargy at all, and don't know if this will be an issue with the 11kt+1andro.
    May subsitute it with stano-200 at 600, 600, 600, 600, 1200, 1200.
    Don't want to compromise gains though. Looking for 10lbs lean body mass with a 2-4% body fat drop. So it would be higher carbs week 1-5 and lower carbs 6-10. Last 2 weeks of androlean May be a bridge with DAA and erase rase.

    PCT: Clomid, erase, T-force(fadogia), DAA, recompadrol. May replace the erase with sustain alpha, depending on how I like it this next month.



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